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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 — The Year to Stop the Insanity

Happy New Year one and all ... if only there was some guarantee of that being true.

2016 has ended with a lot of Hope ... because there has been such Change in the awareness of average people across the globe ... people (not persons) have, en mas, awoken to how badly they have been screwed over by the political and financial classes, and those who have bought and paid for them for far too long.

2016 has ended, specifically since early November, as an expose of the vile power politics and corruption that have undermined the lives of the middle class particularly, and the country generally.

2017 starts tomorrow ... what do we have to look forward to?

Not World War III ... Putin isn't rising to the inflammatory bait from a petulant Obama ... he's 'biting the bullet' till Trump is inaugurated on the 20th when artificially created tensions can be put aside for everyone's sake.

A path back to prosperity
... for individual working people, as well as the companies that create the jobs for them.

>> Trump is delivering on election promises before being sworn in ... already bringing jobs back and setting the table for renegotiation of destructive agreements that have robbed us all. Plus tax policies that make America a good place to set up shop again.

Common sense
... instead of political correctness and all the confusion it creates because people (not persons) will be able to communicate effectively between themselves again.

Hope (the real kind) ... that is already happening because people (not persons) sense that the tide has changed for the better ... that there is a new Captain coming aboard who actually knows how to navigate difficult waters, and who actually cares about the safety and welfare (well-being) of those who have elected to trust his hand on the ship's wheel through the storms and waves ahead.

(the real kind) ... the 'old guard' who have undermined and diminished the country are being identified and side-lined to where they can do no further damage. Obama's actions of late demonstrate how desperate they are to prevent that change ... even risking and provoking war with Russia to do so. Fortunately Putin sees their game plan and isn't playing along.

A Reset (not a cheesy dollar store novelty button) ... people (not persons) across our globe are fed up with the messes created by the political and financial elites and are speaking up, putting their foot(s) down and saying, in unison, "Enough of this crap!"

The ants have finally figured out the shit the grasshoppers have burdened them with ... 2017 holds enormous promise ... stay the course.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Russian Hacking: Obama is attempting to suicide the nation before Jan 20th

Democrats (and their media servants) blame Russia for “hacking” and tipping the election to Trump.

What did or could Russia “hack”? The only “hacks” could have been in large centers where machines are used … if those machines were online during the voting process … which they are not until transmitting results.

Maybe the work “hack” is/was inaccurate … no surprise there considering the source(s) of that accusation.

So far no actual proof has been offered … just speculations based on anonymous sources. That sure wouldn't hold up in a court room and certainly wouldn't be grounds for a warrant request.

Whether Russians did or did not “hack” anything … not that it's possible to any extent: The objections we are hearing are about what was being exposed are factual happenings voters SHOULD know to make an informed decision

The objections are not about the content ... just about the method ... same technical crap that let’s criminals go free in courtrooms every day.

The difference is that revelations about the Democrats, Hillary, the DNC etc are actual information for voters to see past the speeches and into the hearts/minds of those making them. That is very relevant information … especially when choosing a President who will affect your life significantly for at least four years.

Elections are just ‘job interviews’ … in front of the millions of people (not persons) who are the collective ‘employer’. And let's be clear that people DO NOT vote for those 'job applicants' behind podiums to be their 'masters' … nor do they vote for 'social engineers'. They vote for someone who will represent them as they want to be represented … nothing less.

Last time you applied for a job you had to provide your work history and credible references, and those were subject to investigation and confirmation before hiring. (Scrutiny)

Can anyone tell me how hiring a politician differs from that basic fact everyone else must live by?

So if, in that job interview process, information comes to light, regardless of the source, that exposes facts relevant to the legitimacy, capability or intent of the 'job applicant', and that information is accurate, regardless of source; Why should that not be a viable basis upon which the electorate (employers) make a decision as to who to choose for that job?

The 'losers' of the November 8th job interview are trying to blame Russia … Comey … right wingers … anyone other than themselves for the truths that were exposed about their means, tactics, methods and collusions … they got caught, red-handed and are pissed because they

So pissed that the outgoing Representative of the Democrat ideology is initiating actions that could promote international hostilities … possibly to claim there is an “emergency” that requires him to stay in office, thereby preventing a Trump transition on January 20th.

Stay tuned and stay aware … anything is possible before January 20th. That's when the power struggle ends and the healing can begin.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama claims 3rd Presidential run victory ... but only against Hillary

Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump for a Third Term ... in an interview with David Axelrod, who we all know is an impartial and objective journalist!

Sorry, Barry ... your hubris does not match with facts.

Against Hillary you would have won hands down ... she has no worthy track record and an over-sized ego. You, on the other hand have no worthy track record and an over-sized ego. So you would have won just because you're there already ... not because you're competent or great in any way.

Hillary lost on the basis of her own dis-merits combined with your 'track record' of making America weaker in every important aspect.

Hope & Change? Who's hope and what change were you actually referring to?

Could you have won against Donald Trump?

Not likely ... outside of highly dense populated areas (i.e. New York and California where the bulk of your welfare-dependent supporters dwell) Donald Trump won the majority of counties across America, which represent a broad spectrum of Americans, their lives and their means of sustenance ... they voted en masse for him which is far more representative than inner-city enclaves of government-dependent voters ... not to mention that those inner city areas are also the areas most vulnerable to vote fraud via machines, illegal immigrants (who you support so much) and tampering.

Could you have won against Trump? Yes you say?? Ok ... now you're the "dreamer". Let's look at a few FACTS, even though you find facts unpleasant, annoying and uncomfortable.

Trump talks to people, unscripted and from the heart ... you talk at people via a teleprompter, reading words written by someone else.

Trump is his own, accomplished, man with undeniable credentials in the press and as an expert witness before congress over decades ... you are a nobody with no substantial accomplishments and you had to seal your records to make sure nobody could vet your claims to 'greatness' & merits.

Trump, following the foregoing, has done more in the month and a half since the election to straighten out America's many tense situations than you were able to do in eight years with your famous pen and phone. No surprise there since Trump's track record is based on being in the office WORKING ... as opposed your plan of being on a golf course and excusing yourself for NOT working.

Trump's reputation (something you do not possess outside of a phony Peace Prize) has caused international business and political leaders to come to the table to renegotiate on Trump's  terms for the betterment of America ... as opposed to you, giving the store away from a golf course with your pen and phone, as you put it.

Trump, pre-inauguration, has brought jobs and companies back to America
... apparently he does have a "magic wand" as you mentioned ... or, perhaps, he supports America in a manner you apparently don't or cannot fathom.

Trump is, pre-inauguration, the President of America in the eyes of the world
... because you have been so inept, transparently shallow (yup ... there's that transparency you mentioned) and completely dishonest that the world is laughing at you.

Here is your legacy Barry Barack Husein Marshall Obama Soetero Harrison Davis
(or whatever the hell your actual name is) ... there will be more people saying "good riddance" than will be saying "good bye" come the 20th of January, 2017.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hillary's Ego Defeats Her Again ... eventually she might learn somthing?

OK ... hate to say it ... actually I love to say it!

I told you so!!

Yesterday's post predicted this

Hillary LOST electoral votes!

Hillary's cheap efforts and 3rd party antics have again proven that lies and deceit (however "clever" you might feel you are at the time) blow up in your face... "blow-back" as Ron Paul famously said. Gotta love Karma seeing this happen!

Hillary really seems to work in a sort of 'lawyer mode' ... if you can "win" with (parsed) words, and procedural tricks ... truth, facts, honesty, morality, decency, respect (all the good aspects of humanity) don't count.

Sorry (not) to bring this to your attention, Hillary and associated minions, ... the united states of America is not your 'court room' where you can play procedural and word games. It is, in fact, a collection of real people, with real lives ... people who care about a future that benefits their children and stands in honor as the most compassionate and generous nation on earth.

You, Hillary, thought you could STEAL this election with your tricky methods ... like you stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. You misjudged ... your loyal miscreants misjudged too ... or, they were petrified to tell you the truth because truth isn't something germane to your character ... apparently you violently oppose it!

You lost the election on November 8th ... now you lost it even worse because you're the worst candidate in the history of politics in the united states of America ... but your ego didn't coincide with the condemnations you made about Trump when he refused to pre-commit acceptance of the results. Why would he with your history of deceit?

So you have humiliated yourself further ... even though you want to blame every and anyone other than yourself for your self-inflicted loss.

People don't trust you ... why the hell should they? People don't like you ... why the hell would they?

Go away with your family and minions ... stay away and don't inflict yourself and ideas on good people any further. Good bye Hillary ... or, better, good riddance for everyone's sake here and abroad.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Electors — Mind your ass and reputation on the 19th

Significant history is being made with the 2016 Presidential election. Those associated with this election will certainly have a place in the history books.

What side of history will those people be on when the books are written? What will children learn about them in social studies classes in the future? Whatever they learn will be based on the actions of those written about. And they will judge based on the world they are living in ... good or bad.

The Electoral College, this year, is particularly in the spotlight because unproved allegations of Russian interference are being propagated by people with a vested interest in changing the election results.

So far, the suspiciously funded efforts of Jill Stein have yielded only additional Trump votes ... so Hillary now lost by bigger numbers! No wonder she's apparently drinking more than usual!

So I had a funny thought about the allegations of  "Russian influence" ... the chance of them having done so is minuscule ... however IF they had the means to do so, to benefit Trump, it introduced a question I've not heard mentioned at all throughout all the media coverage!

IF Russia favored Trump, and had any means to significantly affect election results' Why would they do so?

Clearly Trump is too patriotic for the answer to be Russia having a cooperative 'puppet' as POTUS.

So it must be somethings else!

Perhaps (as radical as this may sound) ... IF Russia were to have made efforts to influence the election; Is it therefore reasonable to think that their reason may have been to deal with a President who wants peace and commerce as a relationship (Trump)?

After all, Hillary Clinton has maintained a distinctive posture of aggression toward Russia ... vilifying them (Putin) for all her problems ... so WHO would Russia rather deal with? Someone advocating peace & commerce ... or someone who wants a fight and blames them for her political failure?

So, if you were Russian: Who would you favor? That's NOT a difficult question if you are sane!!

Technically, Russia could not have affected the election in a "hacking' sense to any significant level, if at all ... no proof has been or could be provided to establish they did ... but the sound bytes continue because (according to some) Hillary's electoral humiliation on Oct 8th simply MUST be someone else's fault!

So with the failure of Jill Stein's conveniently funded recount efforts (more money collected than she got for her Presidential run!) ... now the Electors are in the spotlight ... under documented pressure, harassment and threats of physical harm to become 'faithless' and switch their votes from Trump to Clinton. Does that sound reasonable? Would any witness in a court have credibility when there is credible evidence they were coerced or intimidated?

Seems to me that any significant switch in the Electoral College vote should be suspect, And any Elector switching his or her vote faces the judgement of history ... and of those who voted faithfully and entrusted their vote to that elector.

The Electors ... lets hope they have sense in the face of fear and intimidation and partisan spin.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Trump Dilemma :: Let's sort things out with logic — instead of political hyperbole.

The election 'contest' isn't over
— it's devolved into a proxy war — so let us consider a few things before hyperventilating.

The Electoral College

Faithless Electors:


1. not adhering to allegiance, promises, vows, or duty: the faithless behavior of Benedict Arnold.

2. not trustworthy; unreliable.

3. without trust or belief.

4. being without religious faith.

5. (among Christians) bereft of Christian faith.
So if some turn their votes over, regardless of the excuse or “justification”, they will be Pariahs in their own communities. They will have ignored the will of their peers and will deserve the inevitably backlash they will get. It will suck to be them walking down the street afterward.

Plenty of publicity is now focusing on the harassment and threats they are receiving since their names we published. That creates another problem because coercion/extortion are, in any court, reason to discount the testimony of a witness ... and electors are simply that ... witnesses ... not judges or arbiters ... just witnesses to the vote of their peers. Have you ever heard of the names of a jury being posted publicly? Of course not ... that would undermine and presumption of impartiality and would open those jurors to coercion. The electors are no different.

Recounts and Audits

Jill Stein is getting a lot of attention for her novel challenge of the vote counts in states where Trump won ... states where the Electoral College numbers could turn the tables. Problem is that now there have been weeks to play with results. For instance, those amazing new votes for Clinton that were just descovered! In fact the audit results thus far seem to increase Trump's lead and margin!

Stein has no standing as an 'Aggressive' party ... she wasn't even on the radar as a potential winner. Yet and without the support of her own party, she presses on to muddy the process. Why? WHAT incentive could be driving her? Her political career is now over ... what would / could motivate anyone to give up their political standing and ambitions to that degree? If you have room-temperature IQ, you'll figure that out quite quickly!

Spin versus Fact

Listened to a presentation today by someone who really tried hard to sound 'objective'. A couple minutes into his presentation I found myself amazed that he was bereft of facts. I thought I may be listening to something recorded last spring ... before a lot of facts became evident. I was also gob-smacked that the individual narrating the video could not have heard anything Trump has actually said and furthermore is completely ignorant of the positive changes happening daily because Trump is now President-elect!

What has he missed?

Little & apparently unimportant things such as?;
  • Ford keeping jobs in the USA
  • Carrier keeping jobs in the USA
  • Apple moving operations back from China
  • International war tensions dropping significantly
  • Dollar is strong
  • Stock markets are up
  • Canada and Mexico voluntarily stepping up to renegotiate NAFTA
  • ...just to mention a few

Basically ... optimism is way up, and that is just on the basis of Trump being President-elect .... not the actual President! 

Violent versus Calm

Who are the violent people? Not Trump supporters ... they are the calm ones. Who are burning, looting and pillaging communities? Not Trump supporters ... they are the calm ones. Who are burning American flags? Not Trump supporters ... they are the calm ones who love and support the flag.

Are you getting it yet? The violent upsetters of your every-day life are those who are paid to disrupt it. Who paid for these buses that brought all the violence to your streets? Guaranteed it wasn't Trump supporters. So who does that leave, who has a motive & agenda?

You'll figure that one out too! ... for your own sake hopefully! 

Why would anyone want to be President of the USA? 

Is that the $64 M question?

Nope ... I think its the 50 cent answer.

  • Ego: No doubt that is part of it. But wait a sec ... if your ego is on the line ... do you want or plan to fail? So what if you are already a success in business and life? Do you set out to fail and disappoint & fail as a 'crowning achievement'? Me thinks not.

    Financial success:
    The president's salary isn't a windfall, so that can't be it ... if you're a minor-leager it may seem so ... but if you're a self-made billionaire, financing your own campaign, likely not.
  • Power: Well there's an inducement for sure. However, if you have the financial resources to buy/sell politicians ... what more 'power' do you need?
  • Love of Country: This one actually makes sense ... it's the only one that can possibly explain why a successful, influential billionaire would put up with / endure / tolerate the political and media bullshit Trump has, rather than just retire quietly, at 70 years old, to one of his wonderful clubs around the wold and play golf, and let his awesome children run the amazing business he has built.

We have all been outraged at times having heard about a guilty party being exonerated and let free on a 'legal technicality'.

How would you feel, then, about a life-long criminal taking control of your country, and therefore of your life, by playing the technicality game?

Encourage your electors to keep the faith and stay the course unless you want your country to die and be swallowed up by foreign usurpers and their traitorous minions.

Friday, November 25, 2016

I'm going to commit a "hate crime" — against a hateful 'human' — and proud of it!

Spread this meme far and wide!

Is it a "crime" to hate something or someone?

I say you can hate anything or anyone you want.

Any "crime" associated with that "hate" is only about what you DO ... not what you think or express honestly. Thoughts are just thoughts ... it's ACTIONS that may be "crimes."

So look above at that meme ...

Do I "hate" George Soros?

Yes! ... I hate what he does (actions) and the effects he has on innocent people through his political and social engineering ambitions. Actually it goes beyond "hate" ... he is in the "disgust" category!

I wrote an article about him you should read before proceeding further here, unless you already know his sordid history. Watch the videos ... he actually admits to his actions and has no regrets. Why would he? He's a billionaire now and the neighbors he sold out to the Nazis in WWII are DEAD.

Soros has money, lots of it ... so he thinks of himself as part of an 'elite nobility' who have some 'right' to guide we, the lesser ones. He actually thinks he has 'honor' and therefore 'privilege' to decide for others!
I take this VERY personally ... let me tell you why and you'll know why I have such hate for this "man" ... although it pains me to use that word in reference to him.

My Grandfather was a police chief ... in Greater Copenhagen during World War II. He was sent to a Nazi concentration camp because he stood for his principles and refused Gestapo demands to order his constabulary to assist in the roundup of Danish Jews ... ultimately who would be sent to concentration camps. We all know what happened to them there.

My Father, in his teens, joined the Danish underground, and as a boy, really, worked to smuggle Danish Jews out of Denmark to neutral Sweden, He was captured and interrogated by the Gestapo at times but survived those inquisitions.

Two men of high honor ... two men who have established for me what it is to have honor and be honorable.
So when I look at a weak, self-serving, opportunistic parasite like George Soros; How could my disgust and 'hate' be a crime of any sort?

Decent people buried in ditches were the foundation of his current wealth ... please tell me how that could in anyway give him credibility to speak for anyone at all ... let alone influence how others will lead their lives!

Ohhh ... by the way ... Soros is a prime patron and funder of Hillary Clinton ... and, by extension, perhaps the reason Jill Stein has raised such amazing money in such record time to play the election challenge game. She is a bought-off piece of shit too if that is the case!

Do the research ... Soros is the funder of all those paid thugs burning cars in your streets ... he has an agenda and you are not part of it. Learn about this asshole and all the political and media pies he has his dirty fingers in ... then get angry about how he proposes to fuck up your life with his money and connections.

Spread this article and meme ... in the (paraphrased) words of John Lennon ... "All we are asking, is give Trump a chance."

I think Trump deserves at least that ... he has already accomplished much in two weeks as 'President-Elect' ... think how much more he will do from the Oval Office!

EXPOSE this criminal bastard, George Soros, in every way you can ... evil cannot live or survive in the light.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Should Include America's Second Chance — Not Just celebrate a Comfy Delusion of Days Gone By

What is everyone so thankful for this weekend?
Prosperity? — Where?? (outside of Wall Street & DC, of course)
Health? — GMOs, Chemtrails and ObamaCare equal "health"?
Safety? — Russia, N. Korea, ISIS and paid gangs running wild in the streets?
Thankful for those maybe?

Prosperity: Who feels that way right now? At least 90 million under and unemployed Americans don't! Middle America perhaps? ... nope — Inner city folks then? Who?

Health: How much does it cost you? Did you keep your Doctor or plan? Does the FDA look out for you, or for big Pharma & big Agra instead? Do you give your thanks for being sprayed like a bug by unaccountable people?

Safety: The Russians hack elections! ... North Korea could detonate an EMP! ... ISIS is planning events to kill Americans over the holiday! But you're a 'terrorist' and 'hater' and 'racist' if you disagree with leaving the borders wide-open for those and other threats to just walk on in! Yup ... but give thanks anyway because it's 'traditional' to do so!

How many homeless and destitute Veterans are giving thanks this weekend, having honorably served in the name of and for the nation as they sleep under sheets of cardboard on the side of a street with nothing to eat?

Probably most of them ... because they would never have signed up to put themselves in harm's way for a country they didn't love and believe in ... who would?

Compare them to the masked vandals on the streets. After the "protest" they go home, toke up and discuss how successful they think they were bringing down the very county that affords them the opportunity to legally be such unappreciative, destructive and disrespectful morons. The hard-working people whose property they destroyed in the process might have a different opinion!

In fact ... they did!

On November 8th, 2016
, 'productive Americans' drew a line in the sand and decisively elected a President who squarely put Americans ahead of corporations, politics and politicians.
Yikes!!! No wonder there are protests! What a weird thing to do! What a strange concept that the lives and well-being of American citizens should take priority over the profits of corporations and the ideas of the politicians who created the problems in the first place! Quick, go out and protest that ... in fact if you check Craigslist you can actually get paid to do so ... and transported to the protest in a nice bus!
You can criticize Trump for any number of things from his choice of words to his choice of barber ... but you can't legitimately criticize his passion for the country and making it great again. He wants America to have a second change to be what it was, and more.

what an old and true adage says ... He put HIS money where His mouth is, and did so in a no-nonsense manner that won the popular and electoral vote against an opponent who put other people's money (about 4 to 1) where her mouth was on any given day.

In other words, Trump invested personally in you and the future of the country.

So give thanks this weekend
that the majority of America woke up and said "no" to being dragged down any further, and said "yes" to rebuilding a great nation that went astray for a while.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton 'Nervous Breakdown' With No Options Left Now But to Run

Click to enlarge meme

The 'Trump Train' is in the station

— Good people are boarding & the Rats are scurrying or kissing ass

If Trump's Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) decides to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton; It's not mysogynism, vengeance or hate on Trump's part ... it's because there is sufficient prima facie evidence (at very least) that Hillary is culpable ... on many fronts. Anyone paying the LEAST attention to facts knows this.

Trump is successful, in part, because he chooses his people well and delegates to them — any successful person will confirm this as the way to do things properly.

If you haven't seen Hillary's post election speech the other day, the first since losing the election, you should.

And when you do, think of this: Hillary's ego is virtually 'legendary' ... as is her vanity. Throughout the debates and the general election, who knows how much money was spent to make her up to look healthy and vibrant (her health being a subject of much credible debate.)

Yet she chose (or allowed herself) — doesn't really mater which as they are the same — to appear on stage, before an audience and on-camera, looking haggard, frail and weak and sounding so as well.


Why would that be? Well, I have a theory ... and since it's mine I respect it a lot!

My theory goes like this:

Hillary Clinton never expected to lose the election. She did expect that she had it all 'locked up' because all the "chips" were in her favor ... machines flipping Trump votes to her, machines shaving votes to her favor, dead citizens voting for her (by proxy of course), busloads of 'undocumented Americans' (illegals) voting for her (multiple times each), the mainstream media colluding with her including feeding her advance debate questions, Beyonce & JayZ (who graciously accepted a $63 million dollar paycheck for showing up to 'support' her & 'root' for her on stage) ... the list goes on (talk about "buying the Presidency.") The famous "Clinton Machine" was hard at work for her.

What Hillary did NOT expect is that the average, wholesome, hard-working, bill-paying American (a term it's doubtful she actually understands) would wake up, stand up and vote for a man who is a total DC outsider ... a man who is of plain language (rather than contrived rhetoric written third party for a teleprompter), who actually has 'family values' and kids who work hard and make their own successes in the world, who (out of passion and commitment, financed his own campaign — no Wall Street, Saudi, Qatari et al money there), and who showed Americans he was passionate about THEIR well-being.

It resonated, because any American actually listening heard the TRUTH being spoken, as uncomfortable as that would have often been!

That kind of plain talk created TRUST ... and regardless of CNN/ABC/MSNBC and all the other 'in-the-bag-for-Hillary' media efforts ... all the tricks, hyperbole and disinformation still resulted in an landslide ENDORSEMENT of Donald J. Trump (popular and electoral) to lead America back to her deserved prosperity.

Obviously, after making such assumptions that she would prevail, Hillary was devastated in her defeat. Not just the loss itself, also the loss of "future options" she simply must have expected to be hers!

For example;
  • Being able (as President) to seal - under signature as Obama did - her and Bill's past records
  • Pardoning or diverting (as President) investigations into her closest circle of friends who got her back into the White House ... as President!
  • Putting Bill out on the speaking stage for highly increased speaking fees and no doubt more.
So, back on point, why would Hillary show up on stage and on-camera looking so disheveled?

Answer: PITY ... for two reasons;

  • 'Egg on' all those idiots protesting who can't seem to fathom that Hillary lost the election on her own because of her past malfeasance and disingenuous persona,
Those ignorant 'chumps' protesting Trump have no cognizance of what they are supporting or fighting! Just listen to a video or two of real interviews with them ... they are totally disconnected from reality and even from the words and terms they use so 'confidently.' ... they seem to be on a totally different planet!
  • To set up the 'stage' that if prosecuted it could be characterized as a "vicious", "anti-woman", "anti-poor-frail-Hillary", "nasty Republican witch hunt."
Well the "witch" (could be spelled with a 'B' as well!) part is certainly true and there are legions of Secret Service and Military personnel who'd corroborate that ... if they could keep their jobs after having done so!
But the Clintons still have an 'ass in the hole' ... skip out of the country with all those lovely 'excess' dollars in the Clinton Foundation accounts ... lots.

Meanwhile, back on the political farm ... all those starry-eyed followers who committed a trove of criminal acts to 'help' Hillary achieve her 'deserved' destiny of being the first female (sorry, can't think of her as a woman) President will face the repercussions ... while Hillary drinks herself silly in Qatar (no extradition) and Bill entertains himself with Jeff Epstein on the Lolita Express and on Orgy Island till he keels over.

Oh ya ... there's going to be a lot of 'Hillary-splaining' going on as the rats scurry for whatever legal hole they think they can hide in. With any luck, the reign of the Progressives is over and rumors about George Soros exiting this world with a heart attack are true ... which I doubt because someone like him is completely unlikely to have a heart to begin with ... but one can still hope Karma finally caught up with him!

"PC" — The Post-Constitutional Progressive Language Distortion Project — Video Included

"Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another's speech."— Genesis 11:7
That was probably the origin of the maxim: "Divide and conquer" ... because it apparently worked! And it has been proven to work very well throughout most of human history since.

Nowadays it has a new name — "Political Correctness" (PC for short). Let's take a little look and see what possible sense this term makes!

Just for fun, to start with, here is author Chet Beates' very poignant definition of what it means:
"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end."
It's not political ... it's socially driven on a political agenda from behind the scenes. And, it's not correct either ... nothing so disruptive and destructive could possibly be 'correct'.

Another term for "Political Correctness" could easily be "Social Censorship." That would be tolerable if you could just tell whoever it is to "piss off" and be done with their nonsense ... unfortunately vote-desperate politicians have now codified a lot of it into laws that are diametrically opposed to the 1st amendment — that's where it gets dangerous for a healthy society.

What other terms could we come up with to more accurately describe what "PC" really means?
  • Perceptually Clouded speech
  • Politically Controlled speech
  • Partially Clear speech
  • Post-Constitutional speech (let that one sink in for a minute!)
  • Politically Cucked speech
  • Perpetually Confused speech
  • Permanently Castrated speech
  • Progressive Codswallop speech
  • Passive Communication speech
  • Prevaricated Crap speech
  • Preempted Clarity speech
  • Pesky Cretin speech
  • Pinko Collusion speech
  • Pander and Cringe speech
  • Poppy Cuck speech
  •  ... hey, I could have fun with this all day ... but I digress.
The ancient Chinese also knew the folly of PC type speech. There is an old saying there that goes as follows: "The beginning of wisdom is to call a thing by it's correct name."

But, the PC crowd is fearful that some expressions could 'offend' someone! Comedian Steve Hughes discusses just this point in the little clip below (For you sensitive types, his language is "colorful.")

It gets dangerous when and angry mob can call for killing cops (and consider doing so their constitutionally protected freedom of speech) and yet politicians and cops are frozen to act for fear of being called "racist" or some other such PC label.

The left (Progressive PC crowd) will throw around all kinds of offensive slurs ... racist, homophobe, xenophobe, ad nauseam and never get called on either the accuracy or "hurtfulness" of their words in the media. But if someone else refers to someone who just shot up a nightclub while screaming Aluha Akbar as an "Islamic Terrorist" the same crowd will wet themselves over the use of such a cogent and accurate description based on the actual event and facts.

The words double-standard, hypocritical, illogical and demented come firmly to mind.

Needless to say we all (we who are sane, that is) need to pay more attention to these almost daily examples of PC stupidity and obfuscation and focus attention on these clowns ... start making THEM afraid to open THEIR mouths for fear of being exposed for their utterly senseless drivel. 

Laugh at them wherever and whenever you can ... point at them too!

They have had a buddy in the White House almost egging them on for quite a while, supporting these dangerous cognitive inversions. Fortunately that time has now ended. 

Foot Note1 : Left unchecked this bunch will be protesting to have Manhattan renamed Personhattan because it's "sexist"!

Foot Note 2 : Some feedback has suggested that my warning about Steve's language should have been more "specific" since "colorful" isn't "descriptive" enough. It was a tough choice between;
  • "Off-Color" ... would have been deemed racist for sure
  • "Adult" ... discriminates against people due to age?
  • "Vulgar" ... discriminatory against Hillary's staff management style!
  • "Offensive" ... would have triggered those who protect 'artistic expression'
  • "Strong Language" ... would offend those who deem 'strength' as oppressive
  • "Straight Forward" ... a possible "homophobic" outing of LBGTQ readers ... if I have any
  • "Cussing" ... definitely get accused of being a deplorable redneck!
... Piss off ... I'll stick with "colorful'. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump Cabinet & Staff Choices Controversies ... don't fear the hype ... trust the logic

With the election over, and soundly won (popular and college) ... the previous hyperventilating about Donald Trump as a President is useless ... so, hyperventilating about his potential staff, cabinet and other appointments is the new topic of the "let's panic and revolt" crowd ... the propaganda crowd who are humiliated by their past bloviating and 'expert opining' are desperate to somehow justify/excuse themselves so to remain relevant. (Good luck with that at this point!!)

If you know anything at all about Donald Trump's history, you'd know he has a history of defying the odds ... and winning. His Father told him that while they were successful in Brooklyn, Manhattan was somewhere they shouldn't try to go. But Trump did, and against all odds succeeded ... against some of the toughest competitors in the world.

Because he got things done successfully ... on time and under budget! That's how you succeed!

Compare that to how he dispatched all 16 'politically entrenched' competitors in the primaries (pretty good for an non-politician "novice") ... and then 'dispatched' the invincible Hillary Clinton (an entrenched DC denizen with Wall Street and other actors funding her) ... and won the general election with phenomenal success using only his own money ... not donor money.

These are not the 'accomplishments' of a "clown", or a "reality show host" ... they ARE the accomplishments of someone with experience and knowledge in tough situations who knows tactics and who is driven by honest passion. No wonder his book 'The Art of The Deal' has been such a long-standing success. (All the profits from those book sales go to charity, by the way.)

He may bring some people into his circle who are 'establishment' regulars ... but a man of his accomplishments will be doing so with some intent ... to learn from them about the political landscape as it really is. That's not naive or stupid ... that's very smart.

After all, a good tactician abides by the following mantra:
"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." This quote has often been attributed to Sun Tzu and sometimes to Niccolò Machiavelli or Petrarch. It matters not who said it ... it matters that it is a fact-based reality.
As President-Elect, just a week after the election and without any 'power as President' the following has already occurred in accordance with his positions as stated throughout both the primaries and the general;
  1. The US dollar is trading up ... indicating market confidence
  2. The stock markets have rallied up ... indicating investor confidence in the future
  3. Tensions with Russia are down ... indicating there is a reduction of defensiveness
  4. Canada and Mexico have offered to renegotiate NAFTA ... indicating both know about the imbalances Trump spoke of.
  5. Ford has moved a truck production plant from Mexico to Ohio ... indicating they know Trump will be good to his word on sanctions.
  6. Apple is talking about moving production to California from China

Trump isn't even President yet and look what he's done ... already delivering on his campaign promises! What the hell are those idiots in the streets actually protesting? ... ah, perhaps they are worried that if he brings all those jobs back, they'd have no excuse not to go get one and move out of Mom & Dad's basement!

Obama espoused "hope & change" ... which turned into 'hope for change' ... which resulted in Donald Trump winning the election by a landslide since that "hope" didn't pan out and the "change" was for the worse.

Trump has already done more good for America, in only 7 days as 'President-Elect', than Obama did in almost eight years as President ... not that Obama actually DID anything that has actually benefited Americans in general!

Refute that ... if you can!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Assasinate Donald Trump" — Media Complicit & Secret Service Goes Dark

Who and/or what are these people who are calling for, and in some cases, directly threatening (and encouraging) the assassination of Donald Trump?

What has this man done to deserve that level of vitriol?"


Let's list a few possibilities:
Trump is a "nationalist" (America first) who wants Americans to enjoy the fruits of their talents and efforts.
Trump wants to ensure anyone entering the (national) door is well-intentioned, and interested in being a productive member of the American society.

Trump wants to make the freeloaders
(internationally) pay their fair share, instead of expecting the American taxpayer to work harder to finance nations who expect America to defend them for free.

Trump wants to bring off-shored jobs back to America, so Americans can bring home a livable paycheck, live in good homes and provide for their families.
Trump want to lower tax burdens to leave more earned money in the hands of those who earned it.

Trump wants America to have a strong military .... peace through strength ... thousands of years of history prove this is the best defense. Note his words ... he wants a strong military "so we won't have to use it!"
Hold on just a damn minute!
How would any of those things harm or threaten one single American?
How would any of those things cause any rational person to suggest assassinating the man?

Who would want to be opposed to such logical objectives?

Most importantly; Whose 'agenda' is so threatened by the above objectives that they would go along with assassination threats/suggestions?

An old and proven adage says: "Consider the source." That, you and we should indeed do where these threats are concerned.
Who would oppose America First? Obviously those who think America should be second ... or less.
Who would oppose ensuring that newcomers will be welcome neighbors rather than threats? Clearly someone who doesn't give a damn about his or her neighbors and friends. Would you leave your own home open/unlocked in your neighborhood?

Who would oppose bringing jobs back so that Americans can live well and prosper in accordance with their efforts? This would be someone who feeds on others neediness and is prepared to exploit that; What else is possible?

Who would oppose the need to ensure that all Americans are safe from outside threats? Must be someone who thinks or feels they can benefit (prosper) from the vulnerability of others.

"Consider the source" ,,, where do most Americans get their information? From talking heads in the corporate media ... paid propagandists who ignore relevant logic and facts.
That same media continues to advance anti-Trump ideas based on nothing more than the talking points their corporate sponsors insist upon.

That same media has, in unison, pushed labels such as "xenophobe', "racist", "misogynist" that have frightened their under-informed viewers into a state of unwarranted fear and frenzy!
That same media bloviates about a career thug killed by police, but ignores and under-reports threats made against a duly elected President or violence committed by paid mobs against others.

That same media "excuses" violent Trump "protesters" (hourly-paid with med and dental benefits with George Soros funds) ... but ignores the victims of that violence. Hey media ... they are, by definition, 'terrorists' and you are portraying them as 'protesters' ... such spineless shills you are!
And where the hell is the Secret Service in all of this?? 

My (very considered) opinion is that the Secret Service agents are busting their asses to protect the President-Elect ... but the media shills are not reporting it. And by not reporting the repercussions of making a threat against a President or President-Elect, they are, in effect, encouraging and emboldening both the rhetoric and also the deluded intentions being posted online by hysterical idiots who have bought in to the original media shill bullshit — Full circle.

Trump has been emphatic that he want to see peace ... between people domestically, people internationally, and have a world where trade, productivity and mutually beneficial commerce supplants dominion, domination and ultimately war.

Does that sound like a bad idea someone should be killed for espousing?

Who would want to assassinate a man of peace and prosperity? Those who would do so are the true enemies we must expose and defeat.

Check these articles for more background information:

"Purple" Corporate Media Post-Election Game-Playing Works With Soros' Color Revolution Plans for the US

George Soros — The Money Behind Social Destruction — Intl. Arrest Warrant Now Issued(Two updates included)


Monday, November 14, 2016

"Purple" Corporate Media Post-Election Game-Playing Works With Soros' Color Revolution Plans for the US


Who's side is the US media on and what are their motives?

It's good to see a lot of attention being focused on the subversive activities of George Soros ... and that exposure needs to increase to stop him and the "Purple Revolution" he has planned for America ... like the other 'color revolutions' he has been behind in other places, and the destruction that followed in those places. Let's keep the pressure on this globalist bastard who admits to using and killing people for his own enrichment!
Much thanks to the 7,600 people who, in the last 24 hours, have read and commented on my article about this parasite who lives under the assumed name of SOROS!

There are other culprits at work against the good of America too ... the most visible of whom are many in the corporate media ... but fortunately not all. (Perhaps they are out for revenge for being so wrong, and for looking like pompous fools they are throughout this entire election process.)

Whatever their motivations, it certainly seems they are more interested in something other than the good of the country.

Have you noticed that the corporate media is still trying very hard to make things as difficult as possible for Trump?

Have you noticed that the violence in the streets is being under-reported for what it really is ... paid protesters committing acts of terrorism to influence and subvert the legitimate outcome of the election? 

Has the corporate media made any point at all of highlighting how it's Hillary's supporters who are doing the violence that Trump supporters have been (without evidence) accused of in the media?

Have you noticed that interviews still seek that "gotcha" factor?

For example:

 The Leslie Stahl interview in which Trump is being gracious and measured (Presidential) but his words get twisted to suggest what he did not actually say.

Have you seen, in the corporate media, Trump given any credit at all for the FACT that within days of becoming President-Elect he is already accomplishing goals he set out? Could that not be a talisman of the future?

Does it not seem to you that there is a concerted effort in the corporate media to ignore his virtues and undermine his potential ... versus praise his commitment and energy on America's behalf? Therefore lending tacit approval to those paid demonstrators causing such havoc in communities.

Any half-wit can spend an hour online, gaming, Twittering or posting their latest bowel movement on Facebook for their "friends" (A lot of good that will do a country) or watching the corporate media for a distorted 'snapshot' of reality.

A citizen, however, thinks more widely and deeply ... he and she listens to a variety of opinions, researches, discerns, evaluates, compares and decides their loyalties and positions having done so.

Then he or she votes his or her INFORMED conscience ... which is what happened on November 8th ... resulting in a Trump victory in the popular vote as well as the electoral one. Clean sweep and no ambiguity.

Where is the corporate media supporting this uniquely historical event?

Oh right ... they're still bought off and butt hurt over their own ego-based embarrassment ... retarding healing and economic recovery by still trying to vilify Trump's accomplishments and thereby lending fuel to the stupidity on the streets.

Fortunately rational minds still prevail ... as evidenced by the landslide election of Donald Trump

Mind your Electors on December 19th


Sunday, November 13, 2016

George Soros Demands Refund From Hillary Clinton

George Soros spent a lot of money for Hillary Clinton's campaign efforts and is now not very happy about his 'investments' not paying off ... he's paying thousands of idiots to have tantrums on the streets of America on his behalf. He's probably thinking of demanding a refund from Hillary, and here is how the Demand Letter would likely be written!


November 13th, 2016

Hillary R. Clinton
(Whereabouts Currently Undisclosed)

Re: Campaign and other donations on your behalf.

My Dear Hillary,

I trust this letter will find you ...

As you know, I invested substantial sums in your election campaign and coordinated activities with various groups supporting your candidacy.

My investments were made in light of your assurances to me that you had the people, means and "special tactics" (as you so delicately put it) to ensure a victorious campaign for the Presidency.

Your assurances to me were apparently inaccurate considering the final outcome, in particular running against a "novice politician with no governmental experience."

I must, at this point in time, add more 'pain' to your current state of humiliation unfortunately, and demand a refund of 75% of my aggregate investment on your behalf.

This should not be too difficult for you because you still have the bulk of donations collected on behalf of Haiti earthquake survivors in your foundation's accounts. Those Haitians would not have known what to do with it anyway, whereas I can put it to very good use for my own needs.

I am willing to write-off the other 25% on the basis of 'entertainment value' being that Mr. Trump's roast of you at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner was side-splittingly funny.

In fact, on a personal note, I found it so entertaining that I have been considering organizing a few little riots and/or protests to force a name change to the "Alfred E. Newman Memorial Foundation Dinner"! That in addition to my endless amusement at the memes put out by that Sir Kastic fellow on blogspot!

Surely you too can now fully see the humor because after all ... what difference, at this point, does it really make?

You see, Dear Hillary, your rather 'disappointing' campaign has unfortunately focused much unwanted attention on me, and as you know I can only do my best work when 'behind-the-scenes' as they say.

Therefore I will be relocating, and could use those extra funds back in my accounts in order to keep my jet fully fueled, and also there are some miscellaneous "expenses" I will also be incurring to keep certain people quiet ... I have no doubt you know precisely what I mean.

And to add to my personal woes, Mr. Putin has just issued an international arrest warrant for me, so I must choose my destination carefully. I may also choose Qatar, as you and Bill have, since I do remember you pointing out that there is no extradition treaty with the US there and my sources tell me the same applies to Russia!

I will appreciate your prompt attention to this matter as I'm sure you realize that time may not be on my side! Oh ho ho ... I made a little joke! Of course you realize that considering that you are faced with the same dilemma!

Stay well, Dear Hillary, and I will look for your check well in advance of January 20th, 2017 ... after which things could become much more complicated for all of us!

And please do say hello to Bill, Chelsea, Debbie, Donna, the Podesta brothers and the whole fun bunch at CNN for me!


Georgie S.


The truth is very often much funnier than fiction!

(Of course, this is (semi) Satire from The Man in the Shiny Can ... like that would be a surprise on a blog like this!)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

UPDATE:: George Soros — The Money Behind Social Destruction — Intl. Arrest Warrant Now Issued

Donald Trump has taken a beating in the media and from some politicians. He's got no experience, he's a one percenter billionaire elitist only in it for himself  and so on ad nauseam. Oh ya, and he's apparently "bad" for being a Nationalist who believes in his country and it's people.

But notice the lack of attention on George Soros ... a one percenter billionaire elitist only in it for himself, who also has been a huge financial backer of his favorite politicians i.e. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton! (They owe him!) Soros is an avowed Globalist and a financial backer of much of the social upheaval we've seen from Ferguson to the anti-Trump riots occurring now.

In other words, he can pull a lot of strings ... influence political directions and decisions. So it should be sensible to have a look at who this 'man' is and what makes him tick. Doing so provides insight into how his behind-the-scenes influence might be used.

Well before Donald Trump got a small start-up loan from his Father and started building his multi-billion dollar real estate business, George Soros was already making big money.

Soros, a Hungarian Jew, got his start selling out fellow Jews to the occupying Nazis posing as a Christian ... and for his 'help' he was allowed to keep a lot of the proceeds. Sounds like a really nice guy, huh! In fact he openly admits doing so and is not the least bit ashamed of what he did to innocent fellow Jews. Clearly someone with ethics and morals you can trust ... great guy to have as a neighbor!

The History of George Soros

George Soros Openly Discusses the coming New World Order

 The 'Scrubbed' Soros '60 Minutes' Interview in 1998

10 Things To Know About George Soros

It certainly cannot be denied that Soros isn't interested in the betterment of America ... but rather he wants to use America to further his objectives ... with the help of paid-for politicians, and the useful idiots he pays to foment violence in the streets of course.
  • Sedition : the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government
  • Treason :  the betrayal of a trust :  treachery | :  the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family.
Sounds like just the kind of person you'd want pulling the strings of your country and future.
You get the idea!

Soros and Clinton would have been a package deal in that Clinton received millions from him and as you can tell, by now, George Soros isn't someone with a charitable heart and love of country ... he's a wealthy opportunist with an agenda. Why isn't he in jail for crimes against the nation? No doubt you can figure that out too ... if not, here's a hint — MONEY & POLITICAL INFLUENCE.
THOUGHT: I wonder if Soros will be demanding a refund from Hillary now!
Getting back to Donald Trump — an American born patriot who loves the country and it's people. A man who has taken enormous risk and spent his own money to step into the ring to put the country back on the prosperity track, when he could just have easily retired to one of his golf clubs and just enjoyed life. His interview with Rona Barret years ago says it all ... almost prophetic of him!

Donald Trump tells Rona Barrett in 1980 he won't run for President

Make sure your Electors don't betray you on Dec 19th!

Breaking News:



Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump Doesn't Have a Dime — So Don't Get Your Expectations Up!

That's right, Donald the billionaire doesn't have a dime ... so don't expect him to turn anything around on one!

Hopefully you caught the old adage buried in that.

Here's the point ... Trump will have certain things he can put into motion very quickly, like cancelling various orders that Obama signed, and introducing plans for change. But it will take time to implement most things because of many factors, not the least of which is the cooperation and guts of Congress.

America is experiencing the results of decades of poor management

Turning things around will be a slow process so it's important to take note that at least the ship is turning in a better direction for all.

Trump's penchant for accomplishing things quickly and under budget should be comforting, and certainly means that under his hand the changes people want will likely occur faster that they would otherwise. He is a smart, gutsy business man ... not a magician. So don't let impatience overwhelm reality.

Things will change eventually ... it will be funny to observe all the protesters trying to explain themselves when all the ridiculous assertions about Trump are proven wrong. They can, as a group, barely explain why they are protesting now ... other than the ones on George Sore-asses payroll who are just social mercenaries collecting a paycheck ... they have their list of retarded talking points and apparently don't care if they sound stupid.

Check out the photos below. Do these people look like they are trying to 'save' a country, or just burn one down? Also, if they are supposed to be 'organic' protesters; Why are they all dressed alike in what could be called a uniform of sorts? Does the word 'premeditated' come to mind? Maybe "premedicated" would work better!

No sane person would want their country run by someone with these mooks as their loyal supporters. Hitler had his brown-shirts pulling the same stuff ... and look where that went!

Also, if these protesters are so concerned about the country; Why the hell are they burning it's flag?

And then there's the other 'supporters' ... here's another photo to illustrate ... my how things have changed under 'progressive guidance' ... yikes!

I've created some more memes for you to pass around about this based on photos from the last few days;
Let's give it a shot to shame these morons into going home, growing up and shutting up before they hurt others or themselves because of their quite bewildering ignorance, and allow America to heal and re-grow it's greatness!

And, by the way ... I've dubbed them "Dumbocrats" based on behavior!

Wow!! ... What “great” examples of the sort of minds that think they should be “running a country”, and dictating policies for everyone else!

Does the word “pathetic” come to mind? Sure as hell does for me!

Are these the same George Sore-ass sponsored mooks that showed up at Trump rallies?

Does “YES!” ring a bell with you? Sure as hell does for me too!

The people who voted for Trump articulated ideas, concepts and solutions ... NOT crafted, political talking points!

And just to fire up the discontents. we have THIS idiot!

To quote Pastor Paul Begley ...

A "by the way" to Rachel Maddow: Are you prepared to bear the moral and legal consequences your "hate speech" could stir up?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Correction:: The "Dumbocrats"© May Still TRY to Steal The Election — And Commit Political Suicide in the Process

Start by reading this short article about the possibility of more Clinton dirty tricks ... "Standard Clinton Policy" as time has proven!

I've been watching that scenario too ... still after two days you can't reconcile votes? Even hand-counting would go quicker!

Clinton & Podesta et al may TRY to steal those states back … but it would be ‘suicidal’ politically to attempt it because then it would invoke a precedent to examine other places where there was rampant vote rigging going on by the Clinton cartel’s campaign.

Of course, being “Dumbocrats”© anything is possible!

Wouldn’t it be 'Hillaryous' if they tried to pull it off and ended up with less numbers than before … making her well-justified defeat even more humiliating for HRC (talk about deserved poetic justice!)

But, as with all things 'Clinton' ... no fraud is a bad fraud if you can get what you think you deserve!

Clearly, they are really desperate to keep the Clintons out of jail, and desperation leads to stupid moves and decisions! (See my theory on that subject ... Qatar here they come!!)

Also, good chance Hillary doesn't want to give George Sore-ass a refund!

Bring it on! Unlike HRC, Trump actually CAN stand on his own two feet ... legally, financially and otherwise!

That being said:

Hillary, regardless of the reporting in the press, has only "conceded" privately to Trump over the telephone ... a private conversation ... but not publicly ... so would that stand in a court if brought up? You'd expect the typical Clinton word-parsing on that one!

So they may give it a shot (ooops that sounds too pro 2nd amendment) ... OK ... they may give it a TRY ... but a lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last two days that cements Trump's legitimacy as the fair winner on the 8th despite all the tricks played with ballots and registrations. His numbers were no doubt much better had those factors not tainted the results!

And his 'win' has been celebrated around the world already. Trump has also further been proven correct by the fact that Mexico and Canada have immediately stepped up to the plate to re-negotiate NAFTA ... a big plank on his stump.

Look at that, only two days into his status as 'President Elect' and, without another word from him he has brought players to the table willing to 'play ball' on his terms ... terms he laid out when he first stepped into the primary!

Therefore ... what will he accomplish next before even being sworn in?  Like peace and trade with Russia? Could anyone say that was a bad thing???

What has Hillary to offer in comparison? ... other than more of the same crap that saw her resoundingly defeated! The same crap that has dragged America into the toilet.

Trump will be the plumber that flushed out corruption and drains the corporate/political cesspool that has destroyed so many lives and undermined America's place in the world.

We indeed live in interesting times!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Miley Cyrus Posts Depression Video — Proves How Clueless She Is

The weeping and crying of Miley ... like other 'supporters' who are so ignorant of who and what Hillary really is. The only woman Hillary supports is herself (and a little bit with Huma too.)
Personal note: Miley should avoid acting as a career move ... pretty mickey mouse talent level. However, if 'Drama Queen' ever becomes an Oscar category ... she might have a shot at it!
And, after the fact, what (at this point in time) difference does her little iPhone performance make?

In the video we hear (from Miley) that Hillary "deserves" to be the 1st female President ... ostensibly because of the titles Hillary has held regardless of her lack of 'actual accomplishments' ... unless you consider death and destruction and destabilizing entire countries an "accomplishment.

That's NOT a reason to elect a President! It's as if she is suggesting that Hillary 'deserves' to be President on the basis of 'sympathy'!!

However, Miley was gracious enough in her weepy soliloquy (look that word up snowflakes) to offer Donald Trump, if he chooses to accept, "the key" to succeeding as President. Very generous of her! ... the freshman student offering to instruct the professor!

That's laughable ... as if enchanting crowds of teeny boppers and doing some twerking has made her wise or knowledgeable in some way!

Considering Miley's typical audience demographics ... I suppose it's not too difficult to figure out why the young are so clueless for the most part if they are following her on Twitter of FB!

— Break —

OK you 'safe space', clued-out, naive, spoiled, under-educated, anally-retentive pretend liberal snowflakes ...

Hear this: There is a real world out there where, at some point, you will have to survive without your parents or a diapered professor wet-nursing you through life. Ergo it follows that at some point, for your own sake, you will have to deal with the world with a backbone and knowledge instead of a tantrum, and accept that life isn't fair, not all people are nice and 'safe spaces' are excuses, not protection.

Video :: A ridiculous 'professor' prepares his students to be failures


Hillary and Bill to Leave America Shortly

The Clinton's have a long history for many things, not the least of which is surviving problems and wiggling out of trouble by parsing words and using their 'power'.

Therefore, leaving America is the only viable option they have open to them. Hillary needed only a few days as Potus to secure their future ... the election result has denied her that option, so the only one left is to leave.

With five ongoing investigations in progress by the FBI, and Trump's promise to "look into her circumstances" if elected, the safest place for them is off the continent, and soon!

In the course or the election, in large part due to WikiLeaks, several cats were let out of several bags and no one can put them back in and America is in no mood to give another pass to them or buy into any more cleverly worded excuses.

So staying in America carries the very real possibility of the Clintons enjoying free lodgings in small rooms with shiny bars on the windows.

They could fight the charges for years, of course ... but that would cost incredible sums of money.

However they now have nothing else to sell to make those big paychecks from Wall Street and foreign governments. Plus, the prospect of having all their and the foundation's assets frozen during criminal trials is substantial ... and very possibly seized as Proceeds of Crime is just as substantial.

As a matter of fact, just a week or so ago a story floated on the net about the Clinton's having transferred $1.8 billion to Qatar. Regardless that the story disappeared pretty quickly and has been refuted; Would that not make a nice nest egg if you had to leave quickly? Is that something the Clinton's just would never do with the money they control?

BTW ... Qatar does not have an extradition treaty with the US ... lends even more credibility to that story!

Self preservation is the highest of human motivations, and the Clinton's won't stay in America for that very reason.