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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump Cabinet & Staff Choices Controversies ... don't fear the hype ... trust the logic

With the election over, and soundly won (popular and college) ... the previous hyperventilating about Donald Trump as a President is useless ... so, hyperventilating about his potential staff, cabinet and other appointments is the new topic of the "let's panic and revolt" crowd ... the propaganda crowd who are humiliated by their past bloviating and 'expert opining' are desperate to somehow justify/excuse themselves so to remain relevant. (Good luck with that at this point!!)

If you know anything at all about Donald Trump's history, you'd know he has a history of defying the odds ... and winning. His Father told him that while they were successful in Brooklyn, Manhattan was somewhere they shouldn't try to go. But Trump did, and against all odds succeeded ... against some of the toughest competitors in the world.

Because he got things done successfully ... on time and under budget! That's how you succeed!

Compare that to how he dispatched all 16 'politically entrenched' competitors in the primaries (pretty good for an non-politician "novice") ... and then 'dispatched' the invincible Hillary Clinton (an entrenched DC denizen with Wall Street and other actors funding her) ... and won the general election with phenomenal success using only his own money ... not donor money.

These are not the 'accomplishments' of a "clown", or a "reality show host" ... they ARE the accomplishments of someone with experience and knowledge in tough situations who knows tactics and who is driven by honest passion. No wonder his book 'The Art of The Deal' has been such a long-standing success. (All the profits from those book sales go to charity, by the way.)

He may bring some people into his circle who are 'establishment' regulars ... but a man of his accomplishments will be doing so with some intent ... to learn from them about the political landscape as it really is. That's not naive or stupid ... that's very smart.

After all, a good tactician abides by the following mantra:
"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." This quote has often been attributed to Sun Tzu and sometimes to Niccolò Machiavelli or Petrarch. It matters not who said it ... it matters that it is a fact-based reality.
As President-Elect, just a week after the election and without any 'power as President' the following has already occurred in accordance with his positions as stated throughout both the primaries and the general;
  1. The US dollar is trading up ... indicating market confidence
  2. The stock markets have rallied up ... indicating investor confidence in the future
  3. Tensions with Russia are down ... indicating there is a reduction of defensiveness
  4. Canada and Mexico have offered to renegotiate NAFTA ... indicating both know about the imbalances Trump spoke of.
  5. Ford has moved a truck production plant from Mexico to Ohio ... indicating they know Trump will be good to his word on sanctions.
  6. Apple is talking about moving production to California from China

Trump isn't even President yet and look what he's done ... already delivering on his campaign promises! What the hell are those idiots in the streets actually protesting? ... ah, perhaps they are worried that if he brings all those jobs back, they'd have no excuse not to go get one and move out of Mom & Dad's basement!

Obama espoused "hope & change" ... which turned into 'hope for change' ... which resulted in Donald Trump winning the election by a landslide since that "hope" didn't pan out and the "change" was for the worse.

Trump has already done more good for America, in only 7 days as 'President-Elect', than Obama did in almost eight years as President ... not that Obama actually DID anything that has actually benefited Americans in general!

Refute that ... if you can!


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