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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hillary's Karma and Your Future

Ohhh what a tangled web we weave
... when first we practice to deceive.

Five on-going FBI investigations, delving into the secret misdeeds of the Clinton cartel, is not the result of someone who 'just made a mistake' and didn't have any nefarious 'intent'.

Clearly the good and honest members of the public are waking up in droves to the smell of smoke, and realize there's a fire there. Sensible people er on the side of caution.

Trump may not be 'perfect' (who the hell is?) and he may have used some ill-considered words at times ... but he sure isn't surrounded by a litany of ongoing scandals ... although some have certainly tried their best to manufacture some for him! It's sure been funny watching those blow up in their faces each and every time though!

Hillary and her crew have tried so hard to muddy the waters with a plethora of accusations about Trump ... and have got their asses handed to them each time when Trump has responded with 'FACTusations' that are in turn substantiated by WikiLeaks, the FBI and others of note.

My Father used to say: "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are." There is an old expression also that says: "Birds of a feather flock together."

So think about who Hillary's 'friends' are and what 'birds' she hangs with — a rapist husband (pedophile also?) — the Podesta boys — the Wall Street moguls who caused the financial crash — Qatari and Saudi Sheiks who oppress women and kill gays — the Brazille & Wasserman-Shultz election and debate rigging partnership — a Hungarian Jew, George Soros, who has no regrets about turning in his fellow Jews to the Nazis then taking their property for himself during WWII — and even though that's the short list, it speaks for itself ... loudly ... are you listening?

So to sum up it seems that three of your five senses should be telling you what you need to know:

— Your sense of smell should be alerting you to the smell of smoke;
— Your sight can see the headlines each day about mounting scandals and investigations;
— With your ears you can hear the weak excuses and diversions she and her campaign throw at you;

And as for those other two senses, touch and taste:

If you touch your ballot or voting screen with a vote for Hillary ... you will soon experience the taste of bile rising in your throat when you can no longer deny that you have irreparably damaged your country and your future.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Clinton 'Protection Umbrella' Fails Badly — Election Workers Going Down!

Who are these people who 'bravely' face prosecutions and lawsuits by committing illegal acts to 'help' Hillary get elected? [More about the value of "helping Hillary" hereyou're actually discrediting her, and yourself.]

Well one thing is for certain ... Hillary Clinton doesn't know their names either, and the chances of her giving a damn? .... well ask Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods how much of a damn Hillary gives ... if you could ... but "what difference, at this point, does it make?" Right?

To Hillary, Trump supporters are a "basket of deplorables" ... it surely follows (ala the Benghazi four named above) that all those criminally inclined people who are 'helping Hillary' by breaking election laws, would easily fit into Hillary's 'basket of expendables' ... people who have served their purpose (in her interests and for her political objectives) but are 'expendable' because she would not allow any tracks leading back to herself by coming to your rescue ... unless you're Debbie Wasserman Shultz ... who is in a different 'friend category' that YOU are!

People 'falling on their sword' for their chosen candidate ... almost sounds 'noble'. Except for the fact that it's not noble to knowingly cheat and lie. It's as if these pathetic followers are under some illusion (spell?) that they are protected from consequences because it's for Hillary ... that Hillary will protect them with the magic 'Clinton Defense Umbrella' ... after all, Hillary (and Bubbu the red-nosed rapist) haven't suffered any consequences for their multiple crimes ... well, not yet.

Have none of these people seen the 'writing on the wall"? What on earth could possibly motivate these people to risk the rest of their lives ... their families and futures too ... for nothing more than a self-centered Presidential hopeful with a clearly vile history?

If you cheated, you've won nothing of any sustainable value
, and you have tacitly acknowledged that, in this case, your chosen candidate was too weak and flawed to stand on her own two feet without you to cheat, steal and lie for her ... if she wins, and that is a big IF considering especially the latest revelations.

By cheating, lying and stealing on Hillary's behalf you have willingly admitted that you are not an American, you are not a functional member of society, you are not a worthy member of any community ... you're just a thief ... a charlatan, a fraud and someone worthy only of being shunned by honest, hard-working people. Period.

If you think for a moment that your unethical and lawless actions on behalf of Hillary Clinton will in anyway buy you a 'get out of jail free' card ... forget it ... the Clintons keep all of those cards just for themselves. You're just a useful idiot who is expendable to them, just someone who bought-in to a cult of personality ... and a really bad personality at that!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Do things seem confusing and out of control these days?

Do things seem confusing and out of control these days?

Hell ya they do!

Seems like almost everything is 'out-of-whack' to normal people, and we 'normal people' are the majority in any society around the world.

So the obvious question is: If WE are "normal"; Why are we subject to (and victims of) the ABnormal minority with their weird 'policies and plans', and why to they 'govern' us as if we are possessions?

We, the normal ones, operate in our daily lives in honest, open and ethical ways amongst each other.

Therefore: We, the normal ones, conducting ourselves honestly and ethically, get tricked and bamboozled by the ABnormal minority because we aren't looking out for the tricks that can be played on us!

There is a lot of truth buried in media/movies ... the above example is proof of that. A minority gladly controls a majority, through ignorance and/or intimidation ... but constantly lives in fear of the majority (the 'ants') figuring it out and rebelling against such tyranny.

That is where we are today and why things are so incomprehensible to we, the normal ones ... the "ants" ... we've allowed the grasshoppers to control too much due to our 'innocence' and also through our complacency.

We expect, rightfully, that  those we elect (hire when they are begging for a job on the stump every few years) to represent our best interests, and that they have a duty to us to do so. While that is morally the case, it isn't so in practice.

"Career politicians" have a great lifestyle ... because, over time, they have legislated that to themselves. Great salaries, perks and pensions ... usually for making or supporting shitty policies and decisions that they, personally, don't have to endure the consequences of ... for instance, check out the exemptions to Obamacare that politicians are able to enjoy that the public is excluded from and instead penalized for.

Donald Trump is exactly right when he calls for term limits on ALL politicians ... if they vote for (support) something ... they too must live with the consequences of that at some point.

Our so-called "representatives" have progressively become our dictators/owners ... we are the ants and they are the grasshoppers who live off us. Time for that to end.

On November 8th, cast your vote for a leader, not another owner.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hatch Act: Comey in the clear & Chaffetz not bound

Let's get past the spin/hype and look at FACTS.

The Hillary troops are doing the typical 'Clinton Thing' ... muddying the water. Something they have decades of experience doing ... successfully unfortunately ... so far! (Hopefully not much longer i.e. November 8th)

To hear Hillary's shills tell it ... Comey (who they loved up until last Friday) "illegally" used the FBI to "influence an election" ... citing the Hatch Act.

Considering the 'news' coverage by in-the-tank-for-Hillary networks, one might give that some credence, not knowing anything different and swallowing the MSM propaganda on this subject.

Let's be clear ...

James Comey did NOT release anything to the PUBLIC ... period. 

James Comey, advised Congress of a change to his testimony which he had to do to protect himself from the possibility of future legal problems resulting from not doing so. 

Who among us would not have done the same in his shoes? Answer: No one!

The FACT is that the public became aware of Comey's notice to congress when Jason Chaffetz tweeted that he had done so.

Chaffetz is not subject to the Hatch Act.
The Hatch Act:
The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials of that branch, from engaging in some forms of political activity. The law was named for Senator Carl Hatch of New Mexico. It was most recently amended in 2012. [WikiPedia]
Chaffetz is not in the Executive Branch ... he is in the Congress, and the Chairman of the committee Comey gave testimony to.

Comey's notice to Congress was a private communication to Congress, not to the public

If Jason Chaffetz made it known to the public via his Tweet, Comey had no control or influence in that action.

I'm not suggesting that Comey is squeaky clean in this process ... just that the Hillary Team's talking points are a distortion designed to confuse you.

It's THIS SORT OF CHICANERY that TRUMP is fighting against ... as should you be too!



Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary gagging on Weiner's ... weiner?

Hmmm ... Anthony ("Tony the dick") Weinerthe deviant pervert — has Washington's "special ones" running for cover it seems ... even Hillary's recent 'campaigning buddy', Michelle Obama, has deleted all references to Hillary from her social media ... suddenly since the FBI announcement on Friday last. Whadda great pal! Glowing endorsements one day .. duck & cover (delete) the next day! Wow!

“Loyalty” is an interesting and flexible thing ... depending on the situation.

"Political loyalty"
is all about ass-covering and hitching wagons to stars ... selfish loyalty.

Then there is the other kind
... demonstrated by soldiers on the battle field ... exemplified by those who fought to the death for each other in Benghazi. That's a loyalty I think that neither Hillary or Michelle could ever fathom.

Then there is the loyalty of other sorts of wieners ... such as Chris Mathews, who now tacitly endorses Trump rather that wear the responsibility of being a Hillary champ so far! See Mathews Rant

Reminds me of an old expression:
With friends like these; Who needs enemas?

Speaking of enemas:
The current mood in Washington DC suggests that investing in companies that produce adult diapers may be a very good investment!
Only a COMPLETE IDIOT would, at this point in time, suggest that Hillary Rodham Clinton is an innocent victim of rumor and conspiracy theory.

Only a COMPLETE IDIOT would, at this point in time, suggest that Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't at the root of all allegations about her because of her own decisions and actions. 

Only a COMPLETE IDIOT would, at this point in time, suggest that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a champion for anyone other than her own self-interest.

Only a COMPLETE IDIOT would, at this point in time, suggest that Hillary Rodham Clinton possesses anything even close to ethics.

Only a COMPLETE IDIOT would, at this point in time, suggest that Hillary Rodham Clinton has any compassion for America and her inhabitants. 

Only a COMPLETE IDIOT would, at this point in time, suggest that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the path forward for a nation.
Time is short before November 8th ... choose wisely with your ballot or suffer the consequences if you put an X in favor or Hillary, or anyone supporting her.


Hilly and Huma correlations that are chilling

Hillary Only needs a few days in office before resigning

Then, of course, there is the alternative!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton :: The 'Professional' Victim

There are only two ways to be a "victim".
  1. At the hands of someone else (circumstantial or deliberate), or
  2. As a consequence of your own actions.
Hillary is living right in the middle of a cesspool of controversy that grows bigger each day. What are the odds of that being circumstantial or accidental? 

According to Hillary, her problems originate from;
  1. Donald Trump being a misogynist & bully
  2. Woman haters in general
  3. Russians who are out to get her to help Trump
  4. A vast "right wing conspiracy".
That's just so far regarding the 'big picture' influences, and I may have missed a few ... or a lot!! 

Next up will likely be;
  1. Huma jer Weiner set me up!
  2. Brazille set me up to save her media job!
  3. Comey hates me and is making stuff up just to make me look bad before the election!
  4. Civil servants conspired against me!
  5. ... and anything else that might say "It wasn't me!", "not my fault!"
 What you won't hear her say is;
  1. I cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination,
  2. I have cheated with advance information about questions in debates and interviews,
  3. I lied to Congress and the American people about the whole Benghazi situation,
  4. I have lied to Congress and the FBI about my email setup,
  5. I have lied about my 'accomplishments' ... that don't actually exist other than in speeches wherein I'm trying to impress the uninformed,
  6. I set up a private email server outside of law to hide my personal money-making activities,
  7. I ignored the security of the country for personal gain,
  8. I have enough money to move to Qatar, beyond extradition, if I get caught in my lies,
  9. I have accepted campaign donations from illegal sources & foreign governments,
  10. I have accepted campaign donations from Wall Street players who I say I am against,
  11. I tried to steal furniture and silverware from the White House, but got caught (damn it!),
  12. I had my staff steal furniture and paintings from the State Department when I left,
  13. I treat other people as lesser beings who should not have the temerity to speak to me or look me in the eyes when I'm present,
  14. I have a foul and vulgar mouth, and a violent temper outside of public sight, and
  15. While First "Lady" the helicopter 'Marine One' was renamed in my honor — "Broomstick One",
And so on with many others, no doubt.

Hillary is a victim alright ... a victim of her own actions, behaviors and misdeeds. Nothing else.

No pity here. No sympathy vote here. No respect here. No confidence here. A vote for Hillary is a vote for an even bleaker future for everyone.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Weird Hillary-Huma Correlations Exposed

 Truth is always stranger than fiction, they say. So in keeping with that I find it odd that Hillly and her pal Huma have some odd characteristics in common that make you say "What are the odds of that?"
  1. Both are 'married' to sexual predators.
  2. Both predators (deviants) are former politicians with troubled political pasts
  3. Both women live rather 'estranged' lives from their 'spouses.'
  4. Both women maintain 'living arrangements' with their deviant spouses ... whereas most women would not. So it's not out of the question that Hilly & Huma do so for expediency of some sort, putting that ahead of morality or outrage over spousal behaviors.
  5. Both women were steeped, from young age, in philosophies that are very out-of-sync with traditional 'American values.' Hillary as a protege and admirer of the communist Saul Alinksky (Rules for Radicals), and Huma with her family's long (documented) association with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Just on those few points:
  1. What sort of 'snapshot' do these things provide into the mindsets, morals, ethics and motivations of both women?
  2. Does either woman appear to embody the essence of the 'typical' American family or values?
  3. Could, therefore, either woman truly understand the true 'heart' of average Americans?
  4. Hillary and Huma seem 'joined at the hip'. So if Hillary were to become President, you can bet Huma would be playing a significant role in her administration — after all, they do seem to have a very 'special' relationship and closeness.

In other words; They're a 'package deal' and will gather around them only those who support that package and will loyally do it's bidding.

Is that the sort of package you want under your tree this Christmas Season?