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Saturday, November 12, 2016

UPDATE:: George Soros — The Money Behind Social Destruction — Intl. Arrest Warrant Now Issued

Donald Trump has taken a beating in the media and from some politicians. He's got no experience, he's a one percenter billionaire elitist only in it for himself  and so on ad nauseam. Oh ya, and he's apparently "bad" for being a Nationalist who believes in his country and it's people.

But notice the lack of attention on George Soros ... a one percenter billionaire elitist only in it for himself, who also has been a huge financial backer of his favorite politicians i.e. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton! (They owe him!) Soros is an avowed Globalist and a financial backer of much of the social upheaval we've seen from Ferguson to the anti-Trump riots occurring now.

In other words, he can pull a lot of strings ... influence political directions and decisions. So it should be sensible to have a look at who this 'man' is and what makes him tick. Doing so provides insight into how his behind-the-scenes influence might be used.

Well before Donald Trump got a small start-up loan from his Father and started building his multi-billion dollar real estate business, George Soros was already making big money.

Soros, a Hungarian Jew, got his start selling out fellow Jews to the occupying Nazis posing as a Christian ... and for his 'help' he was allowed to keep a lot of the proceeds. Sounds like a really nice guy, huh! In fact he openly admits doing so and is not the least bit ashamed of what he did to innocent fellow Jews. Clearly someone with ethics and morals you can trust ... great guy to have as a neighbor!

The History of George Soros

George Soros Openly Discusses the coming New World Order

 The 'Scrubbed' Soros '60 Minutes' Interview in 1998

10 Things To Know About George Soros

It certainly cannot be denied that Soros isn't interested in the betterment of America ... but rather he wants to use America to further his objectives ... with the help of paid-for politicians, and the useful idiots he pays to foment violence in the streets of course.
  • Sedition : the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government
  • Treason :  the betrayal of a trust :  treachery | :  the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family.
Sounds like just the kind of person you'd want pulling the strings of your country and future.
You get the idea!

Soros and Clinton would have been a package deal in that Clinton received millions from him and as you can tell, by now, George Soros isn't someone with a charitable heart and love of country ... he's a wealthy opportunist with an agenda. Why isn't he in jail for crimes against the nation? No doubt you can figure that out too ... if not, here's a hint — MONEY & POLITICAL INFLUENCE.
THOUGHT: I wonder if Soros will be demanding a refund from Hillary now!
Getting back to Donald Trump — an American born patriot who loves the country and it's people. A man who has taken enormous risk and spent his own money to step into the ring to put the country back on the prosperity track, when he could just have easily retired to one of his golf clubs and just enjoyed life. His interview with Rona Barret years ago says it all ... almost prophetic of him!

Donald Trump tells Rona Barrett in 1980 he won't run for President

Make sure your Electors don't betray you on Dec 19th!

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump Doesn't Have a Dime — So Don't Get Your Expectations Up!

That's right, Donald the billionaire doesn't have a dime ... so don't expect him to turn anything around on one!

Hopefully you caught the old adage buried in that.

Here's the point ... Trump will have certain things he can put into motion very quickly, like cancelling various orders that Obama signed, and introducing plans for change. But it will take time to implement most things because of many factors, not the least of which is the cooperation and guts of Congress.

America is experiencing the results of decades of poor management

Turning things around will be a slow process so it's important to take note that at least the ship is turning in a better direction for all.

Trump's penchant for accomplishing things quickly and under budget should be comforting, and certainly means that under his hand the changes people want will likely occur faster that they would otherwise. He is a smart, gutsy business man ... not a magician. So don't let impatience overwhelm reality.

Things will change eventually ... it will be funny to observe all the protesters trying to explain themselves when all the ridiculous assertions about Trump are proven wrong. They can, as a group, barely explain why they are protesting now ... other than the ones on George Sore-asses payroll who are just social mercenaries collecting a paycheck ... they have their list of retarded talking points and apparently don't care if they sound stupid.

Check out the photos below. Do these people look like they are trying to 'save' a country, or just burn one down? Also, if they are supposed to be 'organic' protesters; Why are they all dressed alike in what could be called a uniform of sorts? Does the word 'premeditated' come to mind? Maybe "premedicated" would work better!

No sane person would want their country run by someone with these mooks as their loyal supporters. Hitler had his brown-shirts pulling the same stuff ... and look where that went!

Also, if these protesters are so concerned about the country; Why the hell are they burning it's flag?

And then there's the other 'supporters' ... here's another photo to illustrate ... my how things have changed under 'progressive guidance' ... yikes!

I've created some more memes for you to pass around about this based on photos from the last few days;
Let's give it a shot to shame these morons into going home, growing up and shutting up before they hurt others or themselves because of their quite bewildering ignorance, and allow America to heal and re-grow it's greatness!

And, by the way ... I've dubbed them "Dumbocrats" based on behavior!

Wow!! ... What “great” examples of the sort of minds that think they should be “running a country”, and dictating policies for everyone else!

Does the word “pathetic” come to mind? Sure as hell does for me!

Are these the same George Sore-ass sponsored mooks that showed up at Trump rallies?

Does “YES!” ring a bell with you? Sure as hell does for me too!

The people who voted for Trump articulated ideas, concepts and solutions ... NOT crafted, political talking points!

And just to fire up the discontents. we have THIS idiot!

To quote Pastor Paul Begley ...

A "by the way" to Rachel Maddow: Are you prepared to bear the moral and legal consequences your "hate speech" could stir up?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Correction:: The "Dumbocrats"© May Still TRY to Steal The Election — And Commit Political Suicide in the Process

Start by reading this short article about the possibility of more Clinton dirty tricks ... "Standard Clinton Policy" as time has proven!

I've been watching that scenario too ... still after two days you can't reconcile votes? Even hand-counting would go quicker!

Clinton & Podesta et al may TRY to steal those states back … but it would be ‘suicidal’ politically to attempt it because then it would invoke a precedent to examine other places where there was rampant vote rigging going on by the Clinton cartel’s campaign.

Of course, being “Dumbocrats”© anything is possible!

Wouldn’t it be 'Hillaryous' if they tried to pull it off and ended up with less numbers than before … making her well-justified defeat even more humiliating for HRC (talk about deserved poetic justice!)

But, as with all things 'Clinton' ... no fraud is a bad fraud if you can get what you think you deserve!

Clearly, they are really desperate to keep the Clintons out of jail, and desperation leads to stupid moves and decisions! (See my theory on that subject ... Qatar here they come!!)

Also, good chance Hillary doesn't want to give George Sore-ass a refund!

Bring it on! Unlike HRC, Trump actually CAN stand on his own two feet ... legally, financially and otherwise!

That being said:

Hillary, regardless of the reporting in the press, has only "conceded" privately to Trump over the telephone ... a private conversation ... but not publicly ... so would that stand in a court if brought up? You'd expect the typical Clinton word-parsing on that one!

So they may give it a shot (ooops that sounds too pro 2nd amendment) ... OK ... they may give it a TRY ... but a lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last two days that cements Trump's legitimacy as the fair winner on the 8th despite all the tricks played with ballots and registrations. His numbers were no doubt much better had those factors not tainted the results!

And his 'win' has been celebrated around the world already. Trump has also further been proven correct by the fact that Mexico and Canada have immediately stepped up to the plate to re-negotiate NAFTA ... a big plank on his stump.

Look at that, only two days into his status as 'President Elect' and, without another word from him he has brought players to the table willing to 'play ball' on his terms ... terms he laid out when he first stepped into the primary!

Therefore ... what will he accomplish next before even being sworn in?  Like peace and trade with Russia? Could anyone say that was a bad thing???

What has Hillary to offer in comparison? ... other than more of the same crap that saw her resoundingly defeated! The same crap that has dragged America into the toilet.

Trump will be the plumber that flushed out corruption and drains the corporate/political cesspool that has destroyed so many lives and undermined America's place in the world.

We indeed live in interesting times!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Miley Cyrus Posts Depression Video — Proves How Clueless She Is

The weeping and crying of Miley ... like other 'supporters' who are so ignorant of who and what Hillary really is. The only woman Hillary supports is herself (and a little bit with Huma too.)
Personal note: Miley should avoid acting as a career move ... pretty mickey mouse talent level. However, if 'Drama Queen' ever becomes an Oscar category ... she might have a shot at it!
And, after the fact, what (at this point in time) difference does her little iPhone performance make?

In the video we hear (from Miley) that Hillary "deserves" to be the 1st female President ... ostensibly because of the titles Hillary has held regardless of her lack of 'actual accomplishments' ... unless you consider death and destruction and destabilizing entire countries an "accomplishment.

That's NOT a reason to elect a President! It's as if she is suggesting that Hillary 'deserves' to be President on the basis of 'sympathy'!!

However, Miley was gracious enough in her weepy soliloquy (look that word up snowflakes) to offer Donald Trump, if he chooses to accept, "the key" to succeeding as President. Very generous of her! ... the freshman student offering to instruct the professor!

That's laughable ... as if enchanting crowds of teeny boppers and doing some twerking has made her wise or knowledgeable in some way!

Considering Miley's typical audience demographics ... I suppose it's not too difficult to figure out why the young are so clueless for the most part if they are following her on Twitter of FB!

— Break —

OK you 'safe space', clued-out, naive, spoiled, under-educated, anally-retentive pretend liberal snowflakes ...

Hear this: There is a real world out there where, at some point, you will have to survive without your parents or a diapered professor wet-nursing you through life. Ergo it follows that at some point, for your own sake, you will have to deal with the world with a backbone and knowledge instead of a tantrum, and accept that life isn't fair, not all people are nice and 'safe spaces' are excuses, not protection.

Video :: A ridiculous 'professor' prepares his students to be failures


Hillary and Bill to Leave America Shortly

The Clinton's have a long history for many things, not the least of which is surviving problems and wiggling out of trouble by parsing words and using their 'power'.

Therefore, leaving America is the only viable option they have open to them. Hillary needed only a few days as Potus to secure their future ... the election result has denied her that option, so the only one left is to leave.

With five ongoing investigations in progress by the FBI, and Trump's promise to "look into her circumstances" if elected, the safest place for them is off the continent, and soon!

In the course or the election, in large part due to WikiLeaks, several cats were let out of several bags and no one can put them back in and America is in no mood to give another pass to them or buy into any more cleverly worded excuses.

So staying in America carries the very real possibility of the Clintons enjoying free lodgings in small rooms with shiny bars on the windows.

They could fight the charges for years, of course ... but that would cost incredible sums of money.

However they now have nothing else to sell to make those big paychecks from Wall Street and foreign governments. Plus, the prospect of having all their and the foundation's assets frozen during criminal trials is substantial ... and very possibly seized as Proceeds of Crime is just as substantial.

As a matter of fact, just a week or so ago a story floated on the net about the Clinton's having transferred $1.8 billion to Qatar. Regardless that the story disappeared pretty quickly and has been refuted; Would that not make a nice nest egg if you had to leave quickly? Is that something the Clinton's just would never do with the money they control?

BTW ... Qatar does not have an extradition treaty with the US ... lends even more credibility to that story!

Self preservation is the highest of human motivations, and the Clinton's won't stay in America for that very reason.


BEFORE YOU RIOT — spend a few minutes reading & comprehending some reality.

So, you plan to head off to join a protest (riot) huh ...

What are you expecting to accomplish? ... other than to underscore the need for self defense in the face of people like you acting out.

Do you think that if you have a violent tantrum, even if George Soros is paying you a few bucks, that your destructive actions are going to change the outcome?

If Hillary Clinton was the superior candidate; Why did she still lose the election even with all the cheating that went on with ballots, voter registrations and more?

How much of someone else's property
do you think you must trash just to have your tantrum, and are you fully prepared for the injuries and jail time that await you?

Some of you need a "safe space" after someone uses a word of some sort. Where is the 'safe space' for the people whose homes, business, cars and bodies are under threat from a violent protest that will accomplish nothing of any positive value?

Your candidate vowed to start bombing
Iran and was provoking Russia, she also wanted to flood unvetted 'refugees' into US towns and  cities. What would happen to your 'safe space' when those provocations result in an incoming missile? What would happen to your 'safe space' when some of those unvetted newcomers start acting like they have been in Europe, or commit acts of terrorism?

Note 1: Did any of you actually LISTEN to Trump's speeches and thoughtfully consider his words and logic? Or did you just swallow talking points fired off to you on Twitter from your candidate's campaign, or from your equally uninformed friends?

Note 2: To those of you sitting in jail right now for committing vote & election fraud; Are you expecting someone from the Democratic Party (or Clinton Foundation) to show up with your bail money and a paid attorney for you? You'll have a good long while to think about that and consider if it was worth it.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Comey ignores his Weiner to service Hillary!

The very EXISTENCE of all those 650,000 emails on Anthony Wiener's computer is sufficient evidence to maximise an investigation into Hillary Clinton and her crew ... regardless of whether she sent them personally or was (again) negligent supervising HER State Department personnell. The buck stops THERE ... so does the final responsibility and the consequences.

NO way was that number of emails vetted, compared and assessed by all relevant and/or involved agencies in just a few days!

Instead, he bows out again, playing judge & jury ... which is not his role.

But Comey also has back-channel ties to Hillary worth considering ... like his brother who does the taxes for the Clinton Foundation! So maybe if Hillary goes down, his brother does too? Think about it!

Regardless of his 'Republican' association, Comey was appointed by Obama ... a control freak ... not likely to appoint anyone who isn't either on-side or controllable. What does that suggest? Think about it.

Tomorrow is America's 'D-Day'
... hopefully, for all honest and productive Americans, this time it means '(D)onald Day'.

Wear red if you're voting for Trump, watch the machines, question anything that doesn't look right ... most importantly ... DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING ... Check, verify and ensure your vote is recorded correctly!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Chronic Hillary Fatigue" can be treated successfully without drugs

Remedy: Take one ballot, paper or electronic, and place your mark beside Donald J. Trump for President.

Whoever or whatever got to Comey this time is unknown ... but Slippery Hillary still gets another 'pass' from a DC insider whose own people are now shunning him openly ... one who has helped the Clintons skate before.

People are getting busted all over for fudging voter registrations in Hillay's favor or for destroying Trump votes (that's as it should be!) ... but Hillary is somehow still a Presidential contender after having done much worse, and anybody with over room-temperature IQ knows it.

Time is too short to PROVE it ... but where there is smoke ... and this woman makes "The Towering Inferno" look like a backyard BBQ by comparison!

But it's 'exhausting' to keep watching this moral and ethical corpse keep rising from the pit she belongs in. Talk about a 'zombie' ... where are the wooden stakes when you need them?

Two more sleeps and it will be over anyway.

Questions is: After the election is over on Tuesday, will America wake up in a living HELLery, or be boarding the Trump Train to return to the peace and prosperity every sane person wants?

Er on the side of caution ... if you want a future.

And then there's Hillary's bizarrely non-event schedule in the last days of the race!

Either she takes the election for granted, or she can't handle the pace ... me thinks its the former ... she is hardly visible on the trail while Trump is doing 3 or 4 rallys a day! Who is working harder for you and who can actually handle the pace?

Vote accordingly, America ... you'll own the aftermath!