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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Should Include America's Second Chance — Not Just celebrate a Comfy Delusion of Days Gone By

What is everyone so thankful for this weekend?
Prosperity? — Where?? (outside of Wall Street & DC, of course)
Health? — GMOs, Chemtrails and ObamaCare equal "health"?
Safety? — Russia, N. Korea, ISIS and paid gangs running wild in the streets?
Thankful for those maybe?

Prosperity: Who feels that way right now? At least 90 million under and unemployed Americans don't! Middle America perhaps? ... nope — Inner city folks then? Who?

Health: How much does it cost you? Did you keep your Doctor or plan? Does the FDA look out for you, or for big Pharma & big Agra instead? Do you give your thanks for being sprayed like a bug by unaccountable people?

Safety: The Russians hack elections! ... North Korea could detonate an EMP! ... ISIS is planning events to kill Americans over the holiday! But you're a 'terrorist' and 'hater' and 'racist' if you disagree with leaving the borders wide-open for those and other threats to just walk on in! Yup ... but give thanks anyway because it's 'traditional' to do so!

How many homeless and destitute Veterans are giving thanks this weekend, having honorably served in the name of and for the nation as they sleep under sheets of cardboard on the side of a street with nothing to eat?

Probably most of them ... because they would never have signed up to put themselves in harm's way for a country they didn't love and believe in ... who would?

Compare them to the masked vandals on the streets. After the "protest" they go home, toke up and discuss how successful they think they were bringing down the very county that affords them the opportunity to legally be such unappreciative, destructive and disrespectful morons. The hard-working people whose property they destroyed in the process might have a different opinion!

In fact ... they did!

On November 8th, 2016
, 'productive Americans' drew a line in the sand and decisively elected a President who squarely put Americans ahead of corporations, politics and politicians.
Yikes!!! No wonder there are protests! What a weird thing to do! What a strange concept that the lives and well-being of American citizens should take priority over the profits of corporations and the ideas of the politicians who created the problems in the first place! Quick, go out and protest that ... in fact if you check Craigslist you can actually get paid to do so ... and transported to the protest in a nice bus!
You can criticize Trump for any number of things from his choice of words to his choice of barber ... but you can't legitimately criticize his passion for the country and making it great again. He wants America to have a second change to be what it was, and more.

what an old and true adage says ... He put HIS money where His mouth is, and did so in a no-nonsense manner that won the popular and electoral vote against an opponent who put other people's money (about 4 to 1) where her mouth was on any given day.

In other words, Trump invested personally in you and the future of the country.

So give thanks this weekend
that the majority of America woke up and said "no" to being dragged down any further, and said "yes" to rebuilding a great nation that went astray for a while.

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