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Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump Doesn't Have a Dime — So Don't Get Your Expectations Up!

That's right, Donald the billionaire doesn't have a dime ... so don't expect him to turn anything around on one!

Hopefully you caught the old adage buried in that.

Here's the point ... Trump will have certain things he can put into motion very quickly, like cancelling various orders that Obama signed, and introducing plans for change. But it will take time to implement most things because of many factors, not the least of which is the cooperation and guts of Congress.

America is experiencing the results of decades of poor management

Turning things around will be a slow process so it's important to take note that at least the ship is turning in a better direction for all.

Trump's penchant for accomplishing things quickly and under budget should be comforting, and certainly means that under his hand the changes people want will likely occur faster that they would otherwise. He is a smart, gutsy business man ... not a magician. So don't let impatience overwhelm reality.

Things will change eventually ... it will be funny to observe all the protesters trying to explain themselves when all the ridiculous assertions about Trump are proven wrong. They can, as a group, barely explain why they are protesting now ... other than the ones on George Sore-asses payroll who are just social mercenaries collecting a paycheck ... they have their list of retarded talking points and apparently don't care if they sound stupid.

Check out the photos below. Do these people look like they are trying to 'save' a country, or just burn one down? Also, if they are supposed to be 'organic' protesters; Why are they all dressed alike in what could be called a uniform of sorts? Does the word 'premeditated' come to mind? Maybe "premedicated" would work better!

No sane person would want their country run by someone with these mooks as their loyal supporters. Hitler had his brown-shirts pulling the same stuff ... and look where that went!

Also, if these protesters are so concerned about the country; Why the hell are they burning it's flag?

And then there's the other 'supporters' ... here's another photo to illustrate ... my how things have changed under 'progressive guidance' ... yikes!

I've created some more memes for you to pass around about this based on photos from the last few days;
Let's give it a shot to shame these morons into going home, growing up and shutting up before they hurt others or themselves because of their quite bewildering ignorance, and allow America to heal and re-grow it's greatness!

And, by the way ... I've dubbed them "Dumbocrats" based on behavior!

Wow!! ... What “great” examples of the sort of minds that think they should be “running a country”, and dictating policies for everyone else!

Does the word “pathetic” come to mind? Sure as hell does for me!

Are these the same George Sore-ass sponsored mooks that showed up at Trump rallies?

Does “YES!” ring a bell with you? Sure as hell does for me too!

The people who voted for Trump articulated ideas, concepts and solutions ... NOT crafted, political talking points!

And just to fire up the discontents. we have THIS idiot!

To quote Pastor Paul Begley ...

A "by the way" to Rachel Maddow: Are you prepared to bear the moral and legal consequences your "hate speech" could stir up?

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