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Monday, November 14, 2016

"Purple" Corporate Media Post-Election Game-Playing Works With Soros' Color Revolution Plans for the US


Who's side is the US media on and what are their motives?

It's good to see a lot of attention being focused on the subversive activities of George Soros ... and that exposure needs to increase to stop him and the "Purple Revolution" he has planned for America ... like the other 'color revolutions' he has been behind in other places, and the destruction that followed in those places. Let's keep the pressure on this globalist bastard who admits to using and killing people for his own enrichment!
Much thanks to the 7,600 people who, in the last 24 hours, have read and commented on my article about this parasite who lives under the assumed name of SOROS!

There are other culprits at work against the good of America too ... the most visible of whom are many in the corporate media ... but fortunately not all. (Perhaps they are out for revenge for being so wrong, and for looking like pompous fools they are throughout this entire election process.)

Whatever their motivations, it certainly seems they are more interested in something other than the good of the country.

Have you noticed that the corporate media is still trying very hard to make things as difficult as possible for Trump?

Have you noticed that the violence in the streets is being under-reported for what it really is ... paid protesters committing acts of terrorism to influence and subvert the legitimate outcome of the election? 

Has the corporate media made any point at all of highlighting how it's Hillary's supporters who are doing the violence that Trump supporters have been (without evidence) accused of in the media?

Have you noticed that interviews still seek that "gotcha" factor?

For example:

 The Leslie Stahl interview in which Trump is being gracious and measured (Presidential) but his words get twisted to suggest what he did not actually say.

Have you seen, in the corporate media, Trump given any credit at all for the FACT that within days of becoming President-Elect he is already accomplishing goals he set out? Could that not be a talisman of the future?

Does it not seem to you that there is a concerted effort in the corporate media to ignore his virtues and undermine his potential ... versus praise his commitment and energy on America's behalf? Therefore lending tacit approval to those paid demonstrators causing such havoc in communities.

Any half-wit can spend an hour online, gaming, Twittering or posting their latest bowel movement on Facebook for their "friends" (A lot of good that will do a country) or watching the corporate media for a distorted 'snapshot' of reality.

A citizen, however, thinks more widely and deeply ... he and she listens to a variety of opinions, researches, discerns, evaluates, compares and decides their loyalties and positions having done so.

Then he or she votes his or her INFORMED conscience ... which is what happened on November 8th ... resulting in a Trump victory in the popular vote as well as the electoral one. Clean sweep and no ambiguity.

Where is the corporate media supporting this uniquely historical event?

Oh right ... they're still bought off and butt hurt over their own ego-based embarrassment ... retarding healing and economic recovery by still trying to vilify Trump's accomplishments and thereby lending fuel to the stupidity on the streets.

Fortunately rational minds still prevail ... as evidenced by the landslide election of Donald Trump

Mind your Electors on December 19th


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