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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Correction:: The "Dumbocrats"© May Still TRY to Steal The Election — And Commit Political Suicide in the Process

Start by reading this short article about the possibility of more Clinton dirty tricks ... "Standard Clinton Policy" as time has proven!

I've been watching that scenario too ... still after two days you can't reconcile votes? Even hand-counting would go quicker!

Clinton & Podesta et al may TRY to steal those states back … but it would be ‘suicidal’ politically to attempt it because then it would invoke a precedent to examine other places where there was rampant vote rigging going on by the Clinton cartel’s campaign.

Of course, being “Dumbocrats”© anything is possible!

Wouldn’t it be 'Hillaryous' if they tried to pull it off and ended up with less numbers than before … making her well-justified defeat even more humiliating for HRC (talk about deserved poetic justice!)

But, as with all things 'Clinton' ... no fraud is a bad fraud if you can get what you think you deserve!

Clearly, they are really desperate to keep the Clintons out of jail, and desperation leads to stupid moves and decisions! (See my theory on that subject ... Qatar here they come!!)

Also, good chance Hillary doesn't want to give George Sore-ass a refund!

Bring it on! Unlike HRC, Trump actually CAN stand on his own two feet ... legally, financially and otherwise!

That being said:

Hillary, regardless of the reporting in the press, has only "conceded" privately to Trump over the telephone ... a private conversation ... but not publicly ... so would that stand in a court if brought up? You'd expect the typical Clinton word-parsing on that one!

So they may give it a shot (ooops that sounds too pro 2nd amendment) ... OK ... they may give it a TRY ... but a lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last two days that cements Trump's legitimacy as the fair winner on the 8th despite all the tricks played with ballots and registrations. His numbers were no doubt much better had those factors not tainted the results!

And his 'win' has been celebrated around the world already. Trump has also further been proven correct by the fact that Mexico and Canada have immediately stepped up to the plate to re-negotiate NAFTA ... a big plank on his stump.

Look at that, only two days into his status as 'President Elect' and, without another word from him he has brought players to the table willing to 'play ball' on his terms ... terms he laid out when he first stepped into the primary!

Therefore ... what will he accomplish next before even being sworn in?  Like peace and trade with Russia? Could anyone say that was a bad thing???

What has Hillary to offer in comparison? ... other than more of the same crap that saw her resoundingly defeated! The same crap that has dragged America into the toilet.

Trump will be the plumber that flushed out corruption and drains the corporate/political cesspool that has destroyed so many lives and undermined America's place in the world.

We indeed live in interesting times!


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