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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Plain Fucking Nuts ... and Wants to be POTUS!


Hillarys pals are revolting (unravelling, wetting themselves, caving?) ... in both senses, yes, but particularly in the defiant (CYA) one in this case!

How can this happen??

The man in the shiny can says:

Ohh ... ya, well ... because

It pisses people off when they hear things like this:
To her staff: “If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished ... and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.” — Hillary Clinton
And I thought it was all the fault of "Russians" ... maybe she was talking to the Russians on her staff?
To Donna Brazille: “I’m so sick of your face. You stare at the wall like a brain dead buffalo, while letting that fucking Lauer get away with this. What are you good for, really? Get the fuck to work janitoring this mess - do I make myself clear?” — Hillary Clinton

And no doubt it especially pisses off folks when they are being blamed for "problems" initiated by the accuser ... in this case HRC! ... but ... that's what she always does, historically. Many corpses will willingly corroborate that!

If HRC treats her close staff/confidantes like that: Where the hell do YOU figure in?

"Somebody is in her head" and making her crazy(er) ... not Trump ... OK ya Trump, but not in this case because he's just the figurative 'executioner' ... not the witness who is revealing all her dirty laundry. (Refer back here

Investment note:
BTW ... with Hillary pissed off, you might make some coin investing in Kevlar stock! Many of her confidantes may be making purchases that will drive the stock price up! Here is a list of those who didn't invest in Kevlar .. and boy that must piss them off posthumously!

And Hillary laments: "Why am I not fifty points ahead?"

The man in the shiny can has an answer:

Because, Hilly;
You are a vile, offensive, egotistical, self-absorbed, dishonest, abusive hag with attitudes that make you dangerous.

Nuff said?

He is living in Hillary's Head!



In Illinois, Trump will be citing the Illinois criminal statute. The Mob action is a Class Four felony punishable by 3-6 years in prison and a $25,000 fine for each charge in Illinois. When Trump brings forward the paperwork, he very well could charge anyone associated with helping, planning, organizing, or paying anyone to commit acts of violence – which would include Hillary Clinton.Read On

The man in the shiny can says;

Imagine being Hillary Clinton, with so much to hide over so many years. Imagine how each morning she must start her day wondering what new revelation she will have to duck, refute, parse or seemingly ignore! Great start to anyone's day?

Julian Assange's face and voice in her head must be like nails on a chalkboard to her, and to make it worse he is ostensibly beyond her vindictive reach ... the sheer frustration must be madding!

Assange is figuratively a 'fly on the wall' in Hillary's head with the ongoing WikiLeaks revelations of her dirty dealings (including) ... and with Hillary's acute paranoia, that 'fly' buzzing around between her ears has got to be enraging her beyond her well-known foul word tirades! Just ask Donna Brazille et al about that kind of 'fun' ...and that was only because Matt Lauer asked an unscripted question she hadn't been "briefed" for the show!! Glad she's not MY Gramma ... or neighbor

Fear of discovery haunts her each day, as it should, like a karmic curse of her own making. The look on her face after Trump made his "you'd be in jail" comment was priceless ... as if inside there was a little voice saying "Hillary, that could actually happen" ... her own words coming back to her: "if that bastard wins we'll all hang from nooses."

A fearful mind ... helluva thing to live with day in and day out ... but it's a self-inflicted curse. Perhaps that is eating away at her & contributing to her weird and pronounced medical symptoms! Fitting.

She has spent virtually her whole campaign in defense mode over so many different things as each new sin has come to light ... and now she may be quite stressed that she might not make it into the White House and not be able to seal all her records. More on that here.

What kind of person would ever intentionally set out in life to end up this way?
Certainly not a normal and decent one! 

After-thought ...
I wonder if John Podesta has invested in some Kevlar long johns yet?


Kudos also to Project Veritas and their excellent work! 

UPDATE :: See next post!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Campaign Finance Laws Lead to Investigation

Complaint Filed Against Clinton Campaign
For Violating Campaign Finance Laws

 The Federal Elections Commission has been asked to investigate accusations made in a series of undercover videos that show Democrat operatives explaining how they are trying to influence the presidential election by manipulating the vote.Read the original article!

The man in the shiny can says:

How amazing this is 'headline' news!

A real 'GASP' of a headline might read something like this:

Clinton Campaign found to be operating
completely ethically!

Now that would be real "news" (because it would be actual NEWs ... however improbable)  ... rather than just another 'confirmation' of what everyone already knows is the standard 'Clinton MO' ("MO" means 'Modus Operandi' — method of operation in Latin — for anyone who never read the Hardy Boy or Nancy Drew mysteries,)

One would think that in a 'just' society — a "nation of laws, with a constitution — that federal authorities would have been all over this ... apparently not these days.

But times are a changin' ... the people & patriots are waking up and saying "Hell no."

To those of you who are still snoozing in a delusional cocoon ... you are the ones who will get hurt worst if you don't start paying attention ... big shit is going down and ignorance will be your epitaph.

The final debate is tonight!!! My son and I are loaded for bear with grilled cheese sandwiches, beef stew and popcorn (sprinkled with brewer's yeast for that buttery, cheezy taste ... ready to watch the end of any possibility of 'Broomstick One' coming back!

Rage on Donald ... the real polls tell the real story ... shame those aren't the polls broadcast to everyone else by the mainstream propagandists!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fat Idiot Sits on Naked Hillary

Imagine the mind-set of someone who actually believes they have the right to destroy someone else's property ... PRIVATE PROPERTY ... because they disagree with, in this case, and artist's point of view.

"The Hillary Has No Clothes!"
... an interpretation of an old classic based on all the revelations about Hillary Clinton's actions!

But, of course, Hillary's ardent followers also believe they have some prerogative to rip up ballots for her opponent too! ... especially since he is winning "big league"!

I think there is a very good word for this behavior ... and the ballot ripping postie
: an uncontrolled expression of childish anger
: an angry outburst by a child or by someone who is behaving like a child.

Yup, children have tantrums when they don''t get what they want!

Funny though ... she certainly looks big enough to be an adult!


Ohio Postal Worker Rips Up Ballots and Explains a Lot!

An Ohio man who described himself as a postal worker is now bragging online this weekend about the fact that he was ripping up absentee ballots. This was posted on Twitter by an unidentified user named RandyGDub on Sunday. — Paris Swade — Liberty Writers News

The man in the shiny can says:

This moron, @RandyGDub, trying to impress his online friends, did a great job of pointing out the following:
  1. A radical Hillary supporter deems criminal acts OK in order to "win" ... perhaps he is thinking that James Comey will ride in on a white stallion to excuse him! Not likely! Big 'OOOOPS' there Randy!
  2. A radical Hillary supporter isn't smart enough to figure out that admitting to a felony online is a 'signed confession' ... ohhhh well, he will have ample time in a small room to figure that out in the future! But, his Twitter pals will give him a lot of accolades for his 'heroic efforts for Hillary' ... should make the prison time more bearable while he's bent over in front of a 300 lb fellow inmate who finds him a perfectly adequate substitute for a woman.
But we must thank him for such a clear insight into who votes for Hillary and why she should never move back into the White House ... next time the Whitehouse furniture and cutlery might go missing for good!

But is he unique? Apparently not according to Project Veritas! Get this!

Somehow the concept of "winning" has lost it's context of doing so honestly to some people. The Democratic Primary process certainly illustrates that quite clearly.

So, if that dishonesty works to win a primary ... What prevents the same 'action plan' being used for the Presidential election? Recent events and disclosures illustrate there is NO Difference.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Debate 3 :: The people are wiser now, Hillary is just plain scared

She has no idea what to expect on Wednesday, and her excuses & accusations are being exposed as lies more every day.

And  ... Donald Trump is thoroughly pissed at her campaign's cheap 'Clinton' tactics, in addition to her shady activities as Sec State (and more) that have undermined the USA's security and ecomony.

Also, you can surely bet Marine pilots are anxious for Trump to defeat her once and for all ... none of them relish the idea of flying the helicopter nicknamed "Broomstick One" (painfully) again.

The Secret Service no doubt would be worried about having to endure her abuse again. Apparently they are trying to re-introduce flogging as a punishment!
Read this about that!

The people of America are now awake & very aware
... bad news for Hillary and her minions! 

... for all the decent, hard working people in America whose jobs have been eliminated by Bubba's NAFTA and are risked more by Obama/Hillary plans such as TTIP!

Welcome to the new reality Hillary
... enjoy your private cell!

Oh ya ... what was that Roger Stone said today about Hillary resigning and Michelle Obama taking her place

God Help America!!!!

Assange :: Imprisoned by the guilty!

Distribute this meme freely
While governments feel ‘entitled’ to know (snoop, spy) about everything that everyone says, does or even might do ... boy do they get upset when the tables are turned and someone reveals what they are doing!

In reality, we, the people, have a superior right to monitor the government — because they exist by our consent ... we don’t exist by theirs.

It’s time to take back control of our ‘employees’ and remind them of the limits we place on their activities and demand proper accountability about what is done in our name and with our money.

People like Assange and others
have exposed the truth about government and political malfeasance ... and getting caught has made the offenders very angry ... which is a dangerous thing for people like Julian Assange.

MEME :: Without the billionaires ...

Share this meme freely 

Hillary talks a good game
... but it's just audience-adjusted

As Obama said:
She will say anything, and do nothing

The people of Haiti agree!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Breaking! Terrorists Firebomb NC GOP Campaign Office in Hillsboro

The man in the shiny can says:

No Pat. It's not an attack on 'democracy', ours or any one else's. It's an attack on a GOP party office by someone not in the GOP ... a criminal act of vandalism. Don't make it out to be something bigger or more 'scary' than it actually is. And Dallas Woodhouse should stand up, grow a pair and let everyone know the foundations of his inflammatory claim.

Compare this to the George Soros funded riots in Ferguson and elsewhere and what you have is a non-event by comparison. Unless you just want to amp up the tension for some reason.

For all the flap about Trump using the word "pussy", McRory & Woodhouse seem to want to define themselves that way ... that or 'cucks' screaming in the night. "The sky is falling!!!!"

And Morill, stop trying to make some sort of name for yourself by hyping a simple, stupid act of vandalism as something  more than it is ... by innuendo or hyperbole.

In case you didn't notice, there's a hotly contested election going on and some people will resort to almost anything to make a headline ... and in this case you and the Guv bought in and helped them to do so. And the county is heavily predisposed to the Demo persuasion ... ergo more suspects.

Let's be clear ... there are some people (organizations) that would love to foment an "emergency" for political reasons ... statements and articles like this one only help that along by making mountains out of molehills.

This was an attack on an office ... not on "democracy", by someone opposed to the GOP and/or Donald Trump ... does BLM figure into the equation perhaps?

One would expect a Governor to be more emotionally stable, more decisive and a 'leader' rather than a crying baby ... scaring other people.

Get with it Guv ... the world ain't perfect and you ain't helpin' nobody being a pussy.

Deal with it ... get off your ass ... assign investigators and prosecute the vandals ... and keep your mouth shut in the meantime before unnecessarily alarming people.

You too Morill!

And to Dallas Woodhouse ... next time you want to make a headline with your mouth ... be prepared to justify your words with credible facts to substantiate your inflammatory rhetoric.

Drudge || Silicon Sultans Full-On Donald Assault...

Specter of Trump Loosens Tongues, if Not Purse Strings, in Silicon Valley

  1. Hiring Americans is far more expensive than hiring 'guest workers' from elsewhere ... the ones American workers are oddly being instructed to train to be their replacements.
  2. They would have to move manufacturing back to America and pay American wages ... rather than the 'slave' labor wages paid overseas.
  3. The Democrat candidate for president, regardless of what is said on the stump (public versus private persona) would ensure the current comfy and profitable 'status quo' ... regardless of what actually benefits those whose votes are being begged for.
  4. The Republican candidate wants to put Americans first and the corporations second ... the reverse of the comfy 'status quo'.
  5. Rhetorical Question: If Americans don't have good paying jobs and disposable 'income'; who will be able to afford to buy the cheaply produced crap from overseas? Anyone enjoying their Samsung Note lately for instance??

Clinton holds four-point lead ... they say

Washington Post-ABC News poll: Clinton holds four-point lead in aftermath of Trump tape

With three weeks until Election Day, Hillary Clinton holds a four-point lead over Donald Trump in the race for the White House, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, with the Republican nominee hobbled by persistent perceptions that he is not qualified to be president. ... more

The man in the shiny can says:

Only someone with a room-temperature IQ could believe this poll is impartial or accurate!

First off, consider the source(s) ... that says a lot all on its own.

Secondly, Hillary is hardly campaigning and when she does, she gets audiences of a few hundred listeners — some of whom have been bussed in or even paid!

Compare that to Trump who is consistently pulling tens of thousands to his rallies.

Those numbers speak volumes more than some slanted poll because those are real people showing up voluntarily ... which is a far more accurate measure than some cooked numbers based on cherry-picked demographics being polled by telephone.

The Democrats & their media pals are consistently looking like a lineup of people trying to run with their shoe laces all tied together ... one would think they would try to avoid repeatedly looking like idiots (at the very least just "idiots".)

But no, they keep trying to come up with a clever plan (dirty tricks) to make Trump look bad ... and it keeps blowing up in their faces, time after time after time.

The classic definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Not only does that definition fit ... it's getting funnier to watch every day!

CNN Can’t Spell – No wonder they are in the bag for Hillary!