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Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama claims 3rd Presidential run victory ... but only against Hillary

Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump for a Third Term ... in an interview with David Axelrod, who we all know is an impartial and objective journalist!

Sorry, Barry ... your hubris does not match with facts.

Against Hillary you would have won hands down ... she has no worthy track record and an over-sized ego. You, on the other hand have no worthy track record and an over-sized ego. So you would have won just because you're there already ... not because you're competent or great in any way.

Hillary lost on the basis of her own dis-merits combined with your 'track record' of making America weaker in every important aspect.

Hope & Change? Who's hope and what change were you actually referring to?

Could you have won against Donald Trump?

Not likely ... outside of highly dense populated areas (i.e. New York and California where the bulk of your welfare-dependent supporters dwell) Donald Trump won the majority of counties across America, which represent a broad spectrum of Americans, their lives and their means of sustenance ... they voted en masse for him which is far more representative than inner-city enclaves of government-dependent voters ... not to mention that those inner city areas are also the areas most vulnerable to vote fraud via machines, illegal immigrants (who you support so much) and tampering.

Could you have won against Trump? Yes you say?? Ok ... now you're the "dreamer". Let's look at a few FACTS, even though you find facts unpleasant, annoying and uncomfortable.

Trump talks to people, unscripted and from the heart ... you talk at people via a teleprompter, reading words written by someone else.

Trump is his own, accomplished, man with undeniable credentials in the press and as an expert witness before congress over decades ... you are a nobody with no substantial accomplishments and you had to seal your records to make sure nobody could vet your claims to 'greatness' & merits.

Trump, following the foregoing, has done more in the month and a half since the election to straighten out America's many tense situations than you were able to do in eight years with your famous pen and phone. No surprise there since Trump's track record is based on being in the office WORKING ... as opposed your plan of being on a golf course and excusing yourself for NOT working.

Trump's reputation (something you do not possess outside of a phony Peace Prize) has caused international business and political leaders to come to the table to renegotiate on Trump's  terms for the betterment of America ... as opposed to you, giving the store away from a golf course with your pen and phone, as you put it.

Trump, pre-inauguration, has brought jobs and companies back to America
... apparently he does have a "magic wand" as you mentioned ... or, perhaps, he supports America in a manner you apparently don't or cannot fathom.

Trump is, pre-inauguration, the President of America in the eyes of the world
... because you have been so inept, transparently shallow (yup ... there's that transparency you mentioned) and completely dishonest that the world is laughing at you.

Here is your legacy Barry Barack Husein Marshall Obama Soetero Harrison Davis
(or whatever the hell your actual name is) ... there will be more people saying "good riddance" than will be saying "good bye" come the 20th of January, 2017.

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