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Saturday, October 22, 2016

He is living in Hillary's Head!



In Illinois, Trump will be citing the Illinois criminal statute. The Mob action is a Class Four felony punishable by 3-6 years in prison and a $25,000 fine for each charge in Illinois. When Trump brings forward the paperwork, he very well could charge anyone associated with helping, planning, organizing, or paying anyone to commit acts of violence – which would include Hillary Clinton.Read On

The man in the shiny can says;

Imagine being Hillary Clinton, with so much to hide over so many years. Imagine how each morning she must start her day wondering what new revelation she will have to duck, refute, parse or seemingly ignore! Great start to anyone's day?

Julian Assange's face and voice in her head must be like nails on a chalkboard to her, and to make it worse he is ostensibly beyond her vindictive reach ... the sheer frustration must be madding!

Assange is figuratively a 'fly on the wall' in Hillary's head with the ongoing WikiLeaks revelations of her dirty dealings (including) ... and with Hillary's acute paranoia, that 'fly' buzzing around between her ears has got to be enraging her beyond her well-known foul word tirades! Just ask Donna Brazille et al about that kind of 'fun' ...and that was only because Matt Lauer asked an unscripted question she hadn't been "briefed" for the show!! Glad she's not MY Gramma ... or neighbor

Fear of discovery haunts her each day, as it should, like a karmic curse of her own making. The look on her face after Trump made his "you'd be in jail" comment was priceless ... as if inside there was a little voice saying "Hillary, that could actually happen" ... her own words coming back to her: "if that bastard wins we'll all hang from nooses."

A fearful mind ... helluva thing to live with day in and day out ... but it's a self-inflicted curse. Perhaps that is eating away at her & contributing to her weird and pronounced medical symptoms! Fitting.

She has spent virtually her whole campaign in defense mode over so many different things as each new sin has come to light ... and now she may be quite stressed that she might not make it into the White House and not be able to seal all her records. More on that here.

What kind of person would ever intentionally set out in life to end up this way?
Certainly not a normal and decent one! 

After-thought ...
I wonder if John Podesta has invested in some Kevlar long johns yet?


Kudos also to Project Veritas and their excellent work! 

UPDATE :: See next post!

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