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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 — The Year to Stop the Insanity

Happy New Year one and all ... if only there was some guarantee of that being true.

2016 has ended with a lot of Hope ... because there has been such Change in the awareness of average people across the globe ... people (not persons) have, en mas, awoken to how badly they have been screwed over by the political and financial classes, and those who have bought and paid for them for far too long.

2016 has ended, specifically since early November, as an expose of the vile power politics and corruption that have undermined the lives of the middle class particularly, and the country generally.

2017 starts tomorrow ... what do we have to look forward to?

Not World War III ... Putin isn't rising to the inflammatory bait from a petulant Obama ... he's 'biting the bullet' till Trump is inaugurated on the 20th when artificially created tensions can be put aside for everyone's sake.

A path back to prosperity
... for individual working people, as well as the companies that create the jobs for them.

>> Trump is delivering on election promises before being sworn in ... already bringing jobs back and setting the table for renegotiation of destructive agreements that have robbed us all. Plus tax policies that make America a good place to set up shop again.

Common sense
... instead of political correctness and all the confusion it creates because people (not persons) will be able to communicate effectively between themselves again.

Hope (the real kind) ... that is already happening because people (not persons) sense that the tide has changed for the better ... that there is a new Captain coming aboard who actually knows how to navigate difficult waters, and who actually cares about the safety and welfare (well-being) of those who have elected to trust his hand on the ship's wheel through the storms and waves ahead.

(the real kind) ... the 'old guard' who have undermined and diminished the country are being identified and side-lined to where they can do no further damage. Obama's actions of late demonstrate how desperate they are to prevent that change ... even risking and provoking war with Russia to do so. Fortunately Putin sees their game plan and isn't playing along.

A Reset (not a cheesy dollar store novelty button) ... people (not persons) across our globe are fed up with the messes created by the political and financial elites and are speaking up, putting their foot(s) down and saying, in unison, "Enough of this crap!"

The ants have finally figured out the shit the grasshoppers have burdened them with ... 2017 holds enormous promise ... stay the course.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Russian Hacking: Obama is attempting to suicide the nation before Jan 20th

Democrats (and their media servants) blame Russia for “hacking” and tipping the election to Trump.

What did or could Russia “hack”? The only “hacks” could have been in large centers where machines are used … if those machines were online during the voting process … which they are not until transmitting results.

Maybe the work “hack” is/was inaccurate … no surprise there considering the source(s) of that accusation.

So far no actual proof has been offered … just speculations based on anonymous sources. That sure wouldn't hold up in a court room and certainly wouldn't be grounds for a warrant request.

Whether Russians did or did not “hack” anything … not that it's possible to any extent: The objections we are hearing are about what was being exposed are factual happenings voters SHOULD know to make an informed decision

The objections are not about the content ... just about the method ... same technical crap that let’s criminals go free in courtrooms every day.

The difference is that revelations about the Democrats, Hillary, the DNC etc are actual information for voters to see past the speeches and into the hearts/minds of those making them. That is very relevant information … especially when choosing a President who will affect your life significantly for at least four years.

Elections are just ‘job interviews’ … in front of the millions of people (not persons) who are the collective ‘employer’. And let's be clear that people DO NOT vote for those 'job applicants' behind podiums to be their 'masters' … nor do they vote for 'social engineers'. They vote for someone who will represent them as they want to be represented … nothing less.

Last time you applied for a job you had to provide your work history and credible references, and those were subject to investigation and confirmation before hiring. (Scrutiny)

Can anyone tell me how hiring a politician differs from that basic fact everyone else must live by?

So if, in that job interview process, information comes to light, regardless of the source, that exposes facts relevant to the legitimacy, capability or intent of the 'job applicant', and that information is accurate, regardless of source; Why should that not be a viable basis upon which the electorate (employers) make a decision as to who to choose for that job?

The 'losers' of the November 8th job interview are trying to blame Russia … Comey … right wingers … anyone other than themselves for the truths that were exposed about their means, tactics, methods and collusions … they got caught, red-handed and are pissed because they

So pissed that the outgoing Representative of the Democrat ideology is initiating actions that could promote international hostilities … possibly to claim there is an “emergency” that requires him to stay in office, thereby preventing a Trump transition on January 20th.

Stay tuned and stay aware … anything is possible before January 20th. That's when the power struggle ends and the healing can begin.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama claims 3rd Presidential run victory ... but only against Hillary

Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump for a Third Term ... in an interview with David Axelrod, who we all know is an impartial and objective journalist!

Sorry, Barry ... your hubris does not match with facts.

Against Hillary you would have won hands down ... she has no worthy track record and an over-sized ego. You, on the other hand have no worthy track record and an over-sized ego. So you would have won just because you're there already ... not because you're competent or great in any way.

Hillary lost on the basis of her own dis-merits combined with your 'track record' of making America weaker in every important aspect.

Hope & Change? Who's hope and what change were you actually referring to?

Could you have won against Donald Trump?

Not likely ... outside of highly dense populated areas (i.e. New York and California where the bulk of your welfare-dependent supporters dwell) Donald Trump won the majority of counties across America, which represent a broad spectrum of Americans, their lives and their means of sustenance ... they voted en masse for him which is far more representative than inner-city enclaves of government-dependent voters ... not to mention that those inner city areas are also the areas most vulnerable to vote fraud via machines, illegal immigrants (who you support so much) and tampering.

Could you have won against Trump? Yes you say?? Ok ... now you're the "dreamer". Let's look at a few FACTS, even though you find facts unpleasant, annoying and uncomfortable.

Trump talks to people, unscripted and from the heart ... you talk at people via a teleprompter, reading words written by someone else.

Trump is his own, accomplished, man with undeniable credentials in the press and as an expert witness before congress over decades ... you are a nobody with no substantial accomplishments and you had to seal your records to make sure nobody could vet your claims to 'greatness' & merits.

Trump, following the foregoing, has done more in the month and a half since the election to straighten out America's many tense situations than you were able to do in eight years with your famous pen and phone. No surprise there since Trump's track record is based on being in the office WORKING ... as opposed your plan of being on a golf course and excusing yourself for NOT working.

Trump's reputation (something you do not possess outside of a phony Peace Prize) has caused international business and political leaders to come to the table to renegotiate on Trump's  terms for the betterment of America ... as opposed to you, giving the store away from a golf course with your pen and phone, as you put it.

Trump, pre-inauguration, has brought jobs and companies back to America
... apparently he does have a "magic wand" as you mentioned ... or, perhaps, he supports America in a manner you apparently don't or cannot fathom.

Trump is, pre-inauguration, the President of America in the eyes of the world
... because you have been so inept, transparently shallow (yup ... there's that transparency you mentioned) and completely dishonest that the world is laughing at you.

Here is your legacy Barry Barack Husein Marshall Obama Soetero Harrison Davis
(or whatever the hell your actual name is) ... there will be more people saying "good riddance" than will be saying "good bye" come the 20th of January, 2017.