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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump Cabinet & Staff Choices Controversies ... don't fear the hype ... trust the logic

With the election over, and soundly won (popular and college) ... the previous hyperventilating about Donald Trump as a President is useless ... so, hyperventilating about his potential staff, cabinet and other appointments is the new topic of the "let's panic and revolt" crowd ... the propaganda crowd who are humiliated by their past bloviating and 'expert opining' are desperate to somehow justify/excuse themselves so to remain relevant. (Good luck with that at this point!!)

If you know anything at all about Donald Trump's history, you'd know he has a history of defying the odds ... and winning. His Father told him that while they were successful in Brooklyn, Manhattan was somewhere they shouldn't try to go. But Trump did, and against all odds succeeded ... against some of the toughest competitors in the world.

Because he got things done successfully ... on time and under budget! That's how you succeed!

Compare that to how he dispatched all 16 'politically entrenched' competitors in the primaries (pretty good for an non-politician "novice") ... and then 'dispatched' the invincible Hillary Clinton (an entrenched DC denizen with Wall Street and other actors funding her) ... and won the general election with phenomenal success using only his own money ... not donor money.

These are not the 'accomplishments' of a "clown", or a "reality show host" ... they ARE the accomplishments of someone with experience and knowledge in tough situations who knows tactics and who is driven by honest passion. No wonder his book 'The Art of The Deal' has been such a long-standing success. (All the profits from those book sales go to charity, by the way.)

He may bring some people into his circle who are 'establishment' regulars ... but a man of his accomplishments will be doing so with some intent ... to learn from them about the political landscape as it really is. That's not naive or stupid ... that's very smart.

After all, a good tactician abides by the following mantra:
"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." This quote has often been attributed to Sun Tzu and sometimes to Niccolò Machiavelli or Petrarch. It matters not who said it ... it matters that it is a fact-based reality.
As President-Elect, just a week after the election and without any 'power as President' the following has already occurred in accordance with his positions as stated throughout both the primaries and the general;
  1. The US dollar is trading up ... indicating market confidence
  2. The stock markets have rallied up ... indicating investor confidence in the future
  3. Tensions with Russia are down ... indicating there is a reduction of defensiveness
  4. Canada and Mexico have offered to renegotiate NAFTA ... indicating both know about the imbalances Trump spoke of.
  5. Ford has moved a truck production plant from Mexico to Ohio ... indicating they know Trump will be good to his word on sanctions.
  6. Apple is talking about moving production to California from China

Trump isn't even President yet and look what he's done ... already delivering on his campaign promises! What the hell are those idiots in the streets actually protesting? ... ah, perhaps they are worried that if he brings all those jobs back, they'd have no excuse not to go get one and move out of Mom & Dad's basement!

Obama espoused "hope & change" ... which turned into 'hope for change' ... which resulted in Donald Trump winning the election by a landslide since that "hope" didn't pan out and the "change" was for the worse.

Trump has already done more good for America, in only 7 days as 'President-Elect', than Obama did in almost eight years as President ... not that Obama actually DID anything that has actually benefited Americans in general!

Refute that ... if you can!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Assasinate Donald Trump" — Media Complicit & Secret Service Goes Dark

Who and/or what are these people who are calling for, and in some cases, directly threatening (and encouraging) the assassination of Donald Trump?

What has this man done to deserve that level of vitriol?"


Let's list a few possibilities:
Trump is a "nationalist" (America first) who wants Americans to enjoy the fruits of their talents and efforts.
Trump wants to ensure anyone entering the (national) door is well-intentioned, and interested in being a productive member of the American society.

Trump wants to make the freeloaders
(internationally) pay their fair share, instead of expecting the American taxpayer to work harder to finance nations who expect America to defend them for free.

Trump wants to bring off-shored jobs back to America, so Americans can bring home a livable paycheck, live in good homes and provide for their families.
Trump want to lower tax burdens to leave more earned money in the hands of those who earned it.

Trump wants America to have a strong military .... peace through strength ... thousands of years of history prove this is the best defense. Note his words ... he wants a strong military "so we won't have to use it!"
Hold on just a damn minute!
How would any of those things harm or threaten one single American?
How would any of those things cause any rational person to suggest assassinating the man?

Who would want to be opposed to such logical objectives?

Most importantly; Whose 'agenda' is so threatened by the above objectives that they would go along with assassination threats/suggestions?

An old and proven adage says: "Consider the source." That, you and we should indeed do where these threats are concerned.
Who would oppose America First? Obviously those who think America should be second ... or less.
Who would oppose ensuring that newcomers will be welcome neighbors rather than threats? Clearly someone who doesn't give a damn about his or her neighbors and friends. Would you leave your own home open/unlocked in your neighborhood?

Who would oppose bringing jobs back so that Americans can live well and prosper in accordance with their efforts? This would be someone who feeds on others neediness and is prepared to exploit that; What else is possible?

Who would oppose the need to ensure that all Americans are safe from outside threats? Must be someone who thinks or feels they can benefit (prosper) from the vulnerability of others.

"Consider the source" ,,, where do most Americans get their information? From talking heads in the corporate media ... paid propagandists who ignore relevant logic and facts.
That same media continues to advance anti-Trump ideas based on nothing more than the talking points their corporate sponsors insist upon.

That same media has, in unison, pushed labels such as "xenophobe', "racist", "misogynist" that have frightened their under-informed viewers into a state of unwarranted fear and frenzy!
That same media bloviates about a career thug killed by police, but ignores and under-reports threats made against a duly elected President or violence committed by paid mobs against others.

That same media "excuses" violent Trump "protesters" (hourly-paid with med and dental benefits with George Soros funds) ... but ignores the victims of that violence. Hey media ... they are, by definition, 'terrorists' and you are portraying them as 'protesters' ... such spineless shills you are!
And where the hell is the Secret Service in all of this?? 

My (very considered) opinion is that the Secret Service agents are busting their asses to protect the President-Elect ... but the media shills are not reporting it. And by not reporting the repercussions of making a threat against a President or President-Elect, they are, in effect, encouraging and emboldening both the rhetoric and also the deluded intentions being posted online by hysterical idiots who have bought in to the original media shill bullshit — Full circle.

Trump has been emphatic that he want to see peace ... between people domestically, people internationally, and have a world where trade, productivity and mutually beneficial commerce supplants dominion, domination and ultimately war.

Does that sound like a bad idea someone should be killed for espousing?

Who would want to assassinate a man of peace and prosperity? Those who would do so are the true enemies we must expose and defeat.

Check these articles for more background information:

"Purple" Corporate Media Post-Election Game-Playing Works With Soros' Color Revolution Plans for the US

George Soros — The Money Behind Social Destruction — Intl. Arrest Warrant Now Issued(Two updates included)


Monday, November 14, 2016

"Purple" Corporate Media Post-Election Game-Playing Works With Soros' Color Revolution Plans for the US


Who's side is the US media on and what are their motives?

It's good to see a lot of attention being focused on the subversive activities of George Soros ... and that exposure needs to increase to stop him and the "Purple Revolution" he has planned for America ... like the other 'color revolutions' he has been behind in other places, and the destruction that followed in those places. Let's keep the pressure on this globalist bastard who admits to using and killing people for his own enrichment!
Much thanks to the 7,600 people who, in the last 24 hours, have read and commented on my article about this parasite who lives under the assumed name of SOROS!

There are other culprits at work against the good of America too ... the most visible of whom are many in the corporate media ... but fortunately not all. (Perhaps they are out for revenge for being so wrong, and for looking like pompous fools they are throughout this entire election process.)

Whatever their motivations, it certainly seems they are more interested in something other than the good of the country.

Have you noticed that the corporate media is still trying very hard to make things as difficult as possible for Trump?

Have you noticed that the violence in the streets is being under-reported for what it really is ... paid protesters committing acts of terrorism to influence and subvert the legitimate outcome of the election? 

Has the corporate media made any point at all of highlighting how it's Hillary's supporters who are doing the violence that Trump supporters have been (without evidence) accused of in the media?

Have you noticed that interviews still seek that "gotcha" factor?

For example:

 The Leslie Stahl interview in which Trump is being gracious and measured (Presidential) but his words get twisted to suggest what he did not actually say.

Have you seen, in the corporate media, Trump given any credit at all for the FACT that within days of becoming President-Elect he is already accomplishing goals he set out? Could that not be a talisman of the future?

Does it not seem to you that there is a concerted effort in the corporate media to ignore his virtues and undermine his potential ... versus praise his commitment and energy on America's behalf? Therefore lending tacit approval to those paid demonstrators causing such havoc in communities.

Any half-wit can spend an hour online, gaming, Twittering or posting their latest bowel movement on Facebook for their "friends" (A lot of good that will do a country) or watching the corporate media for a distorted 'snapshot' of reality.

A citizen, however, thinks more widely and deeply ... he and she listens to a variety of opinions, researches, discerns, evaluates, compares and decides their loyalties and positions having done so.

Then he or she votes his or her INFORMED conscience ... which is what happened on November 8th ... resulting in a Trump victory in the popular vote as well as the electoral one. Clean sweep and no ambiguity.

Where is the corporate media supporting this uniquely historical event?

Oh right ... they're still bought off and butt hurt over their own ego-based embarrassment ... retarding healing and economic recovery by still trying to vilify Trump's accomplishments and thereby lending fuel to the stupidity on the streets.

Fortunately rational minds still prevail ... as evidenced by the landslide election of Donald Trump

Mind your Electors on December 19th


Sunday, November 13, 2016

George Soros Demands Refund From Hillary Clinton

George Soros spent a lot of money for Hillary Clinton's campaign efforts and is now not very happy about his 'investments' not paying off ... he's paying thousands of idiots to have tantrums on the streets of America on his behalf. He's probably thinking of demanding a refund from Hillary, and here is how the Demand Letter would likely be written!


November 13th, 2016

Hillary R. Clinton
(Whereabouts Currently Undisclosed)

Re: Campaign and other donations on your behalf.

My Dear Hillary,

I trust this letter will find you ...

As you know, I invested substantial sums in your election campaign and coordinated activities with various groups supporting your candidacy.

My investments were made in light of your assurances to me that you had the people, means and "special tactics" (as you so delicately put it) to ensure a victorious campaign for the Presidency.

Your assurances to me were apparently inaccurate considering the final outcome, in particular running against a "novice politician with no governmental experience."

I must, at this point in time, add more 'pain' to your current state of humiliation unfortunately, and demand a refund of 75% of my aggregate investment on your behalf.

This should not be too difficult for you because you still have the bulk of donations collected on behalf of Haiti earthquake survivors in your foundation's accounts. Those Haitians would not have known what to do with it anyway, whereas I can put it to very good use for my own needs.

I am willing to write-off the other 25% on the basis of 'entertainment value' being that Mr. Trump's roast of you at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner was side-splittingly funny.

In fact, on a personal note, I found it so entertaining that I have been considering organizing a few little riots and/or protests to force a name change to the "Alfred E. Newman Memorial Foundation Dinner"! That in addition to my endless amusement at the memes put out by that Sir Kastic fellow on blogspot!

Surely you too can now fully see the humor because after all ... what difference, at this point, does it really make?

You see, Dear Hillary, your rather 'disappointing' campaign has unfortunately focused much unwanted attention on me, and as you know I can only do my best work when 'behind-the-scenes' as they say.

Therefore I will be relocating, and could use those extra funds back in my accounts in order to keep my jet fully fueled, and also there are some miscellaneous "expenses" I will also be incurring to keep certain people quiet ... I have no doubt you know precisely what I mean.

And to add to my personal woes, Mr. Putin has just issued an international arrest warrant for me, so I must choose my destination carefully. I may also choose Qatar, as you and Bill have, since I do remember you pointing out that there is no extradition treaty with the US there and my sources tell me the same applies to Russia!

I will appreciate your prompt attention to this matter as I'm sure you realize that time may not be on my side! Oh ho ho ... I made a little joke! Of course you realize that considering that you are faced with the same dilemma!

Stay well, Dear Hillary, and I will look for your check well in advance of January 20th, 2017 ... after which things could become much more complicated for all of us!

And please do say hello to Bill, Chelsea, Debbie, Donna, the Podesta brothers and the whole fun bunch at CNN for me!


Georgie S.


The truth is very often much funnier than fiction!

(Of course, this is (semi) Satire from The Man in the Shiny Can ... like that would be a surprise on a blog like this!)