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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Weird Hillary-Huma Correlations Exposed

 Truth is always stranger than fiction, they say. So in keeping with that I find it odd that Hillly and her pal Huma have some odd characteristics in common that make you say "What are the odds of that?"
  1. Both are 'married' to sexual predators.
  2. Both predators (deviants) are former politicians with troubled political pasts
  3. Both women live rather 'estranged' lives from their 'spouses.'
  4. Both women maintain 'living arrangements' with their deviant spouses ... whereas most women would not. So it's not out of the question that Hilly & Huma do so for expediency of some sort, putting that ahead of morality or outrage over spousal behaviors.
  5. Both women were steeped, from young age, in philosophies that are very out-of-sync with traditional 'American values.' Hillary as a protege and admirer of the communist Saul Alinksky (Rules for Radicals), and Huma with her family's long (documented) association with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Just on those few points:
  1. What sort of 'snapshot' do these things provide into the mindsets, morals, ethics and motivations of both women?
  2. Does either woman appear to embody the essence of the 'typical' American family or values?
  3. Could, therefore, either woman truly understand the true 'heart' of average Americans?
  4. Hillary and Huma seem 'joined at the hip'. So if Hillary were to become President, you can bet Huma would be playing a significant role in her administration — after all, they do seem to have a very 'special' relationship and closeness.

In other words; They're a 'package deal' and will gather around them only those who support that package and will loyally do it's bidding.

Is that the sort of package you want under your tree this Christmas Season?

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