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Friday, November 25, 2016

I'm going to commit a "hate crime" — against a hateful 'human' — and proud of it!

Spread this meme far and wide!

Is it a "crime" to hate something or someone?

I say you can hate anything or anyone you want.

Any "crime" associated with that "hate" is only about what you DO ... not what you think or express honestly. Thoughts are just thoughts ... it's ACTIONS that may be "crimes."

So look above at that meme ...

Do I "hate" George Soros?

Yes! ... I hate what he does (actions) and the effects he has on innocent people through his political and social engineering ambitions. Actually it goes beyond "hate" ... he is in the "disgust" category!

I wrote an article about him you should read before proceeding further here, unless you already know his sordid history. Watch the videos ... he actually admits to his actions and has no regrets. Why would he? He's a billionaire now and the neighbors he sold out to the Nazis in WWII are DEAD.

Soros has money, lots of it ... so he thinks of himself as part of an 'elite nobility' who have some 'right' to guide we, the lesser ones. He actually thinks he has 'honor' and therefore 'privilege' to decide for others!
I take this VERY personally ... let me tell you why and you'll know why I have such hate for this "man" ... although it pains me to use that word in reference to him.

My Grandfather was a police chief ... in Greater Copenhagen during World War II. He was sent to a Nazi concentration camp because he stood for his principles and refused Gestapo demands to order his constabulary to assist in the roundup of Danish Jews ... ultimately who would be sent to concentration camps. We all know what happened to them there.

My Father, in his teens, joined the Danish underground, and as a boy, really, worked to smuggle Danish Jews out of Denmark to neutral Sweden, He was captured and interrogated by the Gestapo at times but survived those inquisitions.

Two men of high honor ... two men who have established for me what it is to have honor and be honorable.
So when I look at a weak, self-serving, opportunistic parasite like George Soros; How could my disgust and 'hate' be a crime of any sort?

Decent people buried in ditches were the foundation of his current wealth ... please tell me how that could in anyway give him credibility to speak for anyone at all ... let alone influence how others will lead their lives!

Ohhh ... by the way ... Soros is a prime patron and funder of Hillary Clinton ... and, by extension, perhaps the reason Jill Stein has raised such amazing money in such record time to play the election challenge game. She is a bought-off piece of shit too if that is the case!

Do the research ... Soros is the funder of all those paid thugs burning cars in your streets ... he has an agenda and you are not part of it. Learn about this asshole and all the political and media pies he has his dirty fingers in ... then get angry about how he proposes to fuck up your life with his money and connections.

Spread this article and meme ... in the (paraphrased) words of John Lennon ... "All we are asking, is give Trump a chance."

I think Trump deserves at least that ... he has already accomplished much in two weeks as 'President-Elect' ... think how much more he will do from the Oval Office!

EXPOSE this criminal bastard, George Soros, in every way you can ... evil cannot live or survive in the light.

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