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Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Trump Dilemma :: Let's sort things out with logic — instead of political hyperbole.

The election 'contest' isn't over
— it's devolved into a proxy war — so let us consider a few things before hyperventilating.

The Electoral College

Faithless Electors:


1. not adhering to allegiance, promises, vows, or duty: the faithless behavior of Benedict Arnold.

2. not trustworthy; unreliable.

3. without trust or belief.

4. being without religious faith.

5. (among Christians) bereft of Christian faith.
So if some turn their votes over, regardless of the excuse or “justification”, they will be Pariahs in their own communities. They will have ignored the will of their peers and will deserve the inevitably backlash they will get. It will suck to be them walking down the street afterward.

Plenty of publicity is now focusing on the harassment and threats they are receiving since their names we published. That creates another problem because coercion/extortion are, in any court, reason to discount the testimony of a witness ... and electors are simply that ... witnesses ... not judges or arbiters ... just witnesses to the vote of their peers. Have you ever heard of the names of a jury being posted publicly? Of course not ... that would undermine and presumption of impartiality and would open those jurors to coercion. The electors are no different.

Recounts and Audits

Jill Stein is getting a lot of attention for her novel challenge of the vote counts in states where Trump won ... states where the Electoral College numbers could turn the tables. Problem is that now there have been weeks to play with results. For instance, those amazing new votes for Clinton that were just descovered! In fact the audit results thus far seem to increase Trump's lead and margin!

Stein has no standing as an 'Aggressive' party ... she wasn't even on the radar as a potential winner. Yet and without the support of her own party, she presses on to muddy the process. Why? WHAT incentive could be driving her? Her political career is now over ... what would / could motivate anyone to give up their political standing and ambitions to that degree? If you have room-temperature IQ, you'll figure that out quite quickly!

Spin versus Fact

Listened to a presentation today by someone who really tried hard to sound 'objective'. A couple minutes into his presentation I found myself amazed that he was bereft of facts. I thought I may be listening to something recorded last spring ... before a lot of facts became evident. I was also gob-smacked that the individual narrating the video could not have heard anything Trump has actually said and furthermore is completely ignorant of the positive changes happening daily because Trump is now President-elect!

What has he missed?

Little & apparently unimportant things such as?;
  • Ford keeping jobs in the USA
  • Carrier keeping jobs in the USA
  • Apple moving operations back from China
  • International war tensions dropping significantly
  • Dollar is strong
  • Stock markets are up
  • Canada and Mexico voluntarily stepping up to renegotiate NAFTA
  • ...just to mention a few

Basically ... optimism is way up, and that is just on the basis of Trump being President-elect .... not the actual President! 

Violent versus Calm

Who are the violent people? Not Trump supporters ... they are the calm ones. Who are burning, looting and pillaging communities? Not Trump supporters ... they are the calm ones. Who are burning American flags? Not Trump supporters ... they are the calm ones who love and support the flag.

Are you getting it yet? The violent upsetters of your every-day life are those who are paid to disrupt it. Who paid for these buses that brought all the violence to your streets? Guaranteed it wasn't Trump supporters. So who does that leave, who has a motive & agenda?

You'll figure that one out too! ... for your own sake hopefully! 

Why would anyone want to be President of the USA? 

Is that the $64 M question?

Nope ... I think its the 50 cent answer.

  • Ego: No doubt that is part of it. But wait a sec ... if your ego is on the line ... do you want or plan to fail? So what if you are already a success in business and life? Do you set out to fail and disappoint & fail as a 'crowning achievement'? Me thinks not.

    Financial success:
    The president's salary isn't a windfall, so that can't be it ... if you're a minor-leager it may seem so ... but if you're a self-made billionaire, financing your own campaign, likely not.
  • Power: Well there's an inducement for sure. However, if you have the financial resources to buy/sell politicians ... what more 'power' do you need?
  • Love of Country: This one actually makes sense ... it's the only one that can possibly explain why a successful, influential billionaire would put up with / endure / tolerate the political and media bullshit Trump has, rather than just retire quietly, at 70 years old, to one of his wonderful clubs around the wold and play golf, and let his awesome children run the amazing business he has built.

We have all been outraged at times having heard about a guilty party being exonerated and let free on a 'legal technicality'.

How would you feel, then, about a life-long criminal taking control of your country, and therefore of your life, by playing the technicality game?

Encourage your electors to keep the faith and stay the course unless you want your country to die and be swallowed up by foreign usurpers and their traitorous minions.

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