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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hillary Tranquilized After Huma's Weiner Exposed Again

Where there is smoke ... there is fire. 
Where there is smoke again ... there is fire again.
Where there is smoke and fire several times in the same place,
 ... you have an arsonist!

How much is enough of this totally corrupt woman and her pals? And to think her followers are willingly breaking laws to help her win the Presidency. If she needs that much 'help', perhaps she doesn't  have the right stuff for the job.
Every act of voter or election fraud committed to 'Help Hillary Win' is, in fact, a vote of non-confidence in her by those carrying out such acts.

Because if someone feels their chosen candidate needs that kind of 'help'; they are tacitly admitting that they believe their candidate does not have the capacity to win on their own merits, capabilities, policies and so on.


Same thing goes for the vandals who think stealing or running over a Trump sign is going to effect the outcome of the election one scintilla. You're just having a tantrum because you're not confident in your candidate.

And you damage your candidate's chances even more by overtly demonstrating that her support base contains a lot of idiots willing to commit criminal offenses to prevail in what is supposed to be a fair and democratic process.
It's time you put the country's best interests ahead of your ideological need to just "win".

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