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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Miley Cyrus Posts Depression Video — Proves How Clueless She Is

The weeping and crying of Miley ... like other 'supporters' who are so ignorant of who and what Hillary really is. The only woman Hillary supports is herself (and a little bit with Huma too.)
Personal note: Miley should avoid acting as a career move ... pretty mickey mouse talent level. However, if 'Drama Queen' ever becomes an Oscar category ... she might have a shot at it!
And, after the fact, what (at this point in time) difference does her little iPhone performance make?

In the video we hear (from Miley) that Hillary "deserves" to be the 1st female President ... ostensibly because of the titles Hillary has held regardless of her lack of 'actual accomplishments' ... unless you consider death and destruction and destabilizing entire countries an "accomplishment.

That's NOT a reason to elect a President! It's as if she is suggesting that Hillary 'deserves' to be President on the basis of 'sympathy'!!

However, Miley was gracious enough in her weepy soliloquy (look that word up snowflakes) to offer Donald Trump, if he chooses to accept, "the key" to succeeding as President. Very generous of her! ... the freshman student offering to instruct the professor!

That's laughable ... as if enchanting crowds of teeny boppers and doing some twerking has made her wise or knowledgeable in some way!

Considering Miley's typical audience demographics ... I suppose it's not too difficult to figure out why the young are so clueless for the most part if they are following her on Twitter of FB!

— Break —

OK you 'safe space', clued-out, naive, spoiled, under-educated, anally-retentive pretend liberal snowflakes ...

Hear this: There is a real world out there where, at some point, you will have to survive without your parents or a diapered professor wet-nursing you through life. Ergo it follows that at some point, for your own sake, you will have to deal with the world with a backbone and knowledge instead of a tantrum, and accept that life isn't fair, not all people are nice and 'safe spaces' are excuses, not protection.

Video :: A ridiculous 'professor' prepares his students to be failures


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