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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hillary Tranquilized After Huma's Weiner Exposed Again

Where there is smoke ... there is fire. 
Where there is smoke again ... there is fire again.
Where there is smoke and fire several times in the same place,
 ... you have an arsonist!

How much is enough of this totally corrupt woman and her pals? And to think her followers are willingly breaking laws to help her win the Presidency. If she needs that much 'help', perhaps she doesn't  have the right stuff for the job.
Every act of voter or election fraud committed to 'Help Hillary Win' is, in fact, a vote of non-confidence in her by those carrying out such acts.

Because if someone feels their chosen candidate needs that kind of 'help'; they are tacitly admitting that they believe their candidate does not have the capacity to win on their own merits, capabilities, policies and so on.


Same thing goes for the vandals who think stealing or running over a Trump sign is going to effect the outcome of the election one scintilla. You're just having a tantrum because you're not confident in your candidate.

And you damage your candidate's chances even more by overtly demonstrating that her support base contains a lot of idiots willing to commit criminal offenses to prevail in what is supposed to be a fair and democratic process.
It's time you put the country's best interests ahead of your ideological need to just "win".

Friday, October 28, 2016

Clinton Campaign Urgent News Release :: Immediate Logo Change Due to New FBI Investigation

First bit of honesty we've seen from them!

Investor Alert:
Adult diaper stocks likely to increase drastically!

Comey: FBI Re-Opens Clinton Email Investigation

How will Hillary explain this away? The media seems to be running from the flames ... others will follow because they (other than the really dumb ones) were never loyal to her, per se, they were loyal to the money and assumption of achieving some sort of power, Now they will be looking more like 'targets; for prosecution.

The winds of change are blowing ... blowing hard ... and no, that's not a Bill Clinton joke even though it could work well as one!

The next few days are going to be really interesting ... someone is going to need an elephant gun to sedate Hillary and keep a safe distance from her!

Karma ... 

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Clinton Christmas Carol

Larry Nichols revelations compelled me write a Clinton Christmas Carol!

(If you know the back-stories of the Clintons, you'll enjoy this more!
... and you'll figure out the tune after the first two lines)

Bubba The Red-Nosed Rapist

Bubbu the Red-Nosed Rapist
Had a very nasty wife
she cussed him out each evening
what a very crappy life.

But Hillary made him money
so he kept his cake hole shut
she knew all the loopholes
and allowed him to be a slut.

So Bubba became the President
thinking he was in control
until he met an ashtray
thrown by his wedded troll.

Then Bubba he knew his status
it wasn't to be the male
Hilly wore the pant suit
and her presence made him pale.

Now she vies for POTUS
and he's her loyal bitch
afterall her tactics
made them very rich.

But Bubba the Red-Nosed Rapist
didn't count on just one thing
karma can come back to bite you
and damn its going to sting!


Politicians Fight — Citizens Die — Bad Plan

Sounds like a good reason to return to dueling ... let the politicians work it out between themselves and leave us alone. About 15 paces should be enough.

Have you noticed all the alarming reports out there about the possibility of WWIII, the risk of nuclear exchange and about what each side's missiles can do to the other side?

For instance, apparently the new Russian missiles could obliterate a good part of the US east coast in a literal heartbeat ... about 4 million people. And I suppose similar numbers on the other side! Read the details of that story here.

Trouble is that those 4 million people (the expendables?) were not the ones provoking or promoting  the fight. The provokers and promoters will, of course, be nowhere near the impact areas. In most cases nor will their families.

Does this sound like a great plan? Personally I don't think so!

The politicians, as in so many cases, are almost completely insulated from the consequences of their actions. It's easy to be bold when you won't personally suffer in any way.

Last time I checked, the idea of 'electing' people was not so they could put us in harms way because they have a personal or party agenda.

Governments write so many rules, laws and regulations with the stated intent of 'protecting' us ... gun control is a popular push nowadays as an example. (Forget for a moment that places with the most stringent gun control are statistically the most dangerous places to be.)

So if they are so interested in 'protecting' us ... why would they be so anxious to promote a nuclear confrontation? ... or allow thousands of un-vetted immigrants in who come from places that are hotbeds of Jihadism since they are furiously subjecting everything & everyone else to every imaginable form of surveillance and intrusion.

Think of this analogy: If you're 'guarding', you're looking outward for threats ... not turning your back to the direction threats could come from and pointing your eyes & weapon in the direction of who or what you're supposed to be guarding. This is exactly what is going on these days.

If the guard is looking OUT the door, he's your 'sentry'
... when he is looking IN the door, he is your 'jailer'.

Make November 8th "Politician Control" Day

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trump's Total Globalist Trump ... Clinton, Obama and Puppet Masters Panic!

Have you read Trump's 'Contract With The American Voter' first 100 days commitment?

Here is the video of his speechDonald Trump like you haven't heard him before ... and the complete opposite of how you may be accustomed to hearing him described by his opponent(s) and their assistants in the main stream media.

If you haven't seen this or read the transcript ... you should.

If something 'ugly' happens to Trump ... this would be the reason why ... just like JFK when he made this speech.

Trump is literally risking his life putting this forward because its the truth, and people instinctively recognize the truth when they hear it.

Do or could you think that those who have controlled the country
via fraud for so long are beneath taking 'drastic action against someone who is exposing them and someone who would actually prosecute them? Maybe ask Justice Anton Scalia about this ... well, if you could, since he died so suspiciously and his remains were hustled through the embalming process too fast for a proper or thorough investigation of the true circumstances of his unexpected death. Convenient I'm sure to someone!

By the way, I hear that Justice Scalia's wife has a Trump sign on their front lawn!

Trump, even posthumously if it comes to that, has succeeded in his efforts ... America has woken up because facts don't allow eyes to stay closed any longer. The globalist controllers and their political servants are no doubt buying Depends adult diapers in great numbers thinking about what a Japanese Admiral said regarding the Pearl Harbor attack ... " I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant."

Trump has awoken the 'silent majority' ... and many outside of that 'traditional group' — Blacks For Trump, Hispanics For Trump, LBGT for Trump ... and the former Sanders enthusiasts who, in the end, saw what they will get, outside of rhetoric, from a typical/career politician.

Trump isn't a 'politician' by choice or because he ever really wanted to be one. He didn't want to live a "mean life" (his words) ... yet he's become a 'political figure' because his conscience and patriotism forced him to do so.

Doubt that? Check this interview in 1980 with Rona Barrett.

Think ... verify and vote for your country's best interests, America
... no more second chances from here on out!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Presidential Decision 2016 :: Will you vote for a party or for your country?

A President in Time of Need

Before you cast your vote in November
... learn what is at stake for you and your family.
Spend a couple hours learning the truth!

Never before in the history of the united states of America has your vote and your voice been more important.

Never before in the history of the united states of America has it been more important that you be objectively informed.

Never before in the history of the united states of America has your vote had the potential to affect your family, children, grand children and legacy so drastically, and permanently.

Never before in the history of the united states of America have you faced such danger in the quality of your choice.

Never before in the history of the united states of America has history been more important to know.

Make your November 8th choice wisely ... with knowledge and common sense.

When Donald Trump testifies before Congress — 1991

What was that criticism about 'experience'?

When Hillary Clinton Testifies before Congress

'Experience' cedes to excuses
and the parsing of 'lawyer words '

 The Prophesy of Trump — Documentary

This is spooky & fun!
... and makes a scary amount of sense!
There is so much more to this world
than we 'think' we know!

Decision 2016 ::  Will you vote for a party
or for your country?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Simple 2016 Election Memes — Distribute freely


What is a meme?

— A humorous or poignant image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.
— By its very nature a meme plants a seed of thought in the simplest manner to the viewer.
— Memes are easily copy/pasted and passed along to other parties allowing ideas to spread quickly and easily.
The memes here are created by me ... I own them ... and give them to you to use and distribute in any manner helpful to the country as you see fit using your First Amendment Rights to convey your ideas to others. The one caveat herein is that if you choose to do so the memes as given her must be unaltered in any way.
With that out of the way!

Here are Memes for You to Pass Along!

Spread the word ... the 'Trump Train' is about to arrive in the station!

Click on any image to enlarge and copy! 


More to come ... check back here!

Your 2016 Choices: Red White & You or D.C. & Me

It doesn't get simpler than that, folks
... the Red, White & You  .... or D.C & Me!
(You'll figure out which one pertains to which candidate)

Actually it does get simpler, now that I think of it — Trump's 'Contract With The American Voter' versus Clinton's 'Obligation to International Donors.' ... neither option subject to speculation anymore.

Trump's 'Contract' speech defines the fundamental difference between the two candidates. Reading through his first 100 days plan takes nothing more than common sense to grasp ... particularly if one has spent some time observing how far America has fallen, especially in the last eight years.

The typical definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Hillary guarantees more of the same (and worse) and has said so in her praise of Obama's policies ... Trump's approach is 'stop doing what doesn't work, and take a new approach' to the entire country's well-being; not the well-being of the only properly connected.

It could easily be said that Hillary's  condemnation of Trump's 'lack of experience' might very well be his biggest endorsement ... he doesn't have the experience of being a typical politician who passes on the costs of mistakes to the taxpayers with no personal consequences to bear.

Trump does, however, have the experience of someone who has faced the potential of suffering  personal consequences for making bad decisions. He also has the experience of coming up with creative solutions and implementing them successfully ... rather than letting a situation get worse. That's called smart business sense.

Throughout the cycle you've seen Trump putting his own money where his mouth is ... as opposed to Hillary putting other peoples money where her mouth is ... as well as in her pocket!

Just in campaign spending, measured in results, it couldn't be more obvious that Trump is a far more efficient financial steward ... getting enormous bang for the buck ... Wouldn't it be a nice change to see the country's finances treated the same way?

Career politicians generally show that they have no idea how to make money, or care for it properly, because when they screw up and need more they just demand it ... literally at gunpoint ... from hard working people who do know a little about having to live within their means.

Obama promised "Hope & Change" ... well, the 'change' part definitely came true (in almost every negative aspect you can think of) and the 'hope' bit has been all but decimated in just under eight years of this joker pretending he's a 'leader'. But where's the surprise in that? What could anyone really have expected from a professional community agitator with zero real-world experience? The "hope & change" sound byte, while it may have sounded good, bit back hard.

Trump is promising the same concept, but in different words ... however — he comes before the electorate with 40 years of hard-won success and experience in one of the toughest markets in the world.

Hillary just wants a second chance to steal the White House furniture and silverware ... she had to give it back after her first attempt! Although the is this other possibility with her