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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hillary's Ego Defeats Her Again ... eventually she might learn somthing?

OK ... hate to say it ... actually I love to say it!

I told you so!!

Yesterday's post predicted this

Hillary LOST electoral votes!

Hillary's cheap efforts and 3rd party antics have again proven that lies and deceit (however "clever" you might feel you are at the time) blow up in your face... "blow-back" as Ron Paul famously said. Gotta love Karma seeing this happen!

Hillary really seems to work in a sort of 'lawyer mode' ... if you can "win" with (parsed) words, and procedural tricks ... truth, facts, honesty, morality, decency, respect (all the good aspects of humanity) don't count.

Sorry (not) to bring this to your attention, Hillary and associated minions, ... the united states of America is not your 'court room' where you can play procedural and word games. It is, in fact, a collection of real people, with real lives ... people who care about a future that benefits their children and stands in honor as the most compassionate and generous nation on earth.

You, Hillary, thought you could STEAL this election with your tricky methods ... like you stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. You misjudged ... your loyal miscreants misjudged too ... or, they were petrified to tell you the truth because truth isn't something germane to your character ... apparently you violently oppose it!

You lost the election on November 8th ... now you lost it even worse because you're the worst candidate in the history of politics in the united states of America ... but your ego didn't coincide with the condemnations you made about Trump when he refused to pre-commit acceptance of the results. Why would he with your history of deceit?

So you have humiliated yourself further ... even though you want to blame every and anyone other than yourself for your self-inflicted loss.

People don't trust you ... why the hell should they? People don't like you ... why the hell would they?

Go away with your family and minions ... stay away and don't inflict yourself and ideas on good people any further. Good bye Hillary ... or, better, good riddance for everyone's sake here and abroad.

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