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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hillary and Bill to Leave America Shortly

The Clinton's have a long history for many things, not the least of which is surviving problems and wiggling out of trouble by parsing words and using their 'power'.

Therefore, leaving America is the only viable option they have open to them. Hillary needed only a few days as Potus to secure their future ... the election result has denied her that option, so the only one left is to leave.

With five ongoing investigations in progress by the FBI, and Trump's promise to "look into her circumstances" if elected, the safest place for them is off the continent, and soon!

In the course or the election, in large part due to WikiLeaks, several cats were let out of several bags and no one can put them back in and America is in no mood to give another pass to them or buy into any more cleverly worded excuses.

So staying in America carries the very real possibility of the Clintons enjoying free lodgings in small rooms with shiny bars on the windows.

They could fight the charges for years, of course ... but that would cost incredible sums of money.

However they now have nothing else to sell to make those big paychecks from Wall Street and foreign governments. Plus, the prospect of having all their and the foundation's assets frozen during criminal trials is substantial ... and very possibly seized as Proceeds of Crime is just as substantial.

As a matter of fact, just a week or so ago a story floated on the net about the Clinton's having transferred $1.8 billion to Qatar. Regardless that the story disappeared pretty quickly and has been refuted; Would that not make a nice nest egg if you had to leave quickly? Is that something the Clinton's just would never do with the money they control?

BTW ... Qatar does not have an extradition treaty with the US ... lends even more credibility to that story!

Self preservation is the highest of human motivations, and the Clinton's won't stay in America for that very reason.


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