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Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Chronic Hillary Fatigue" can be treated successfully without drugs

Remedy: Take one ballot, paper or electronic, and place your mark beside Donald J. Trump for President.

Whoever or whatever got to Comey this time is unknown ... but Slippery Hillary still gets another 'pass' from a DC insider whose own people are now shunning him openly ... one who has helped the Clintons skate before.

People are getting busted all over for fudging voter registrations in Hillay's favor or for destroying Trump votes (that's as it should be!) ... but Hillary is somehow still a Presidential contender after having done much worse, and anybody with over room-temperature IQ knows it.

Time is too short to PROVE it ... but where there is smoke ... and this woman makes "The Towering Inferno" look like a backyard BBQ by comparison!

But it's 'exhausting' to keep watching this moral and ethical corpse keep rising from the pit she belongs in. Talk about a 'zombie' ... where are the wooden stakes when you need them?

Two more sleeps and it will be over anyway.

Questions is: After the election is over on Tuesday, will America wake up in a living HELLery, or be boarding the Trump Train to return to the peace and prosperity every sane person wants?

Er on the side of caution ... if you want a future.

And then there's Hillary's bizarrely non-event schedule in the last days of the race!

Either she takes the election for granted, or she can't handle the pace ... me thinks its the former ... she is hardly visible on the trail while Trump is doing 3 or 4 rallys a day! Who is working harder for you and who can actually handle the pace?

Vote accordingly, America ... you'll own the aftermath!

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