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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hillary's Karma and Your Future

Ohhh what a tangled web we weave
... when first we practice to deceive.

Five on-going FBI investigations, delving into the secret misdeeds of the Clinton cartel, is not the result of someone who 'just made a mistake' and didn't have any nefarious 'intent'.

Clearly the good and honest members of the public are waking up in droves to the smell of smoke, and realize there's a fire there. Sensible people er on the side of caution.

Trump may not be 'perfect' (who the hell is?) and he may have used some ill-considered words at times ... but he sure isn't surrounded by a litany of ongoing scandals ... although some have certainly tried their best to manufacture some for him! It's sure been funny watching those blow up in their faces each and every time though!

Hillary and her crew have tried so hard to muddy the waters with a plethora of accusations about Trump ... and have got their asses handed to them each time when Trump has responded with 'FACTusations' that are in turn substantiated by WikiLeaks, the FBI and others of note.

My Father used to say: "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are." There is an old expression also that says: "Birds of a feather flock together."

So think about who Hillary's 'friends' are and what 'birds' she hangs with — a rapist husband (pedophile also?) — the Podesta boys — the Wall Street moguls who caused the financial crash — Qatari and Saudi Sheiks who oppress women and kill gays — the Brazille & Wasserman-Shultz election and debate rigging partnership — a Hungarian Jew, George Soros, who has no regrets about turning in his fellow Jews to the Nazis then taking their property for himself during WWII — and even though that's the short list, it speaks for itself ... loudly ... are you listening?

So to sum up it seems that three of your five senses should be telling you what you need to know:

— Your sense of smell should be alerting you to the smell of smoke;
— Your sight can see the headlines each day about mounting scandals and investigations;
— With your ears you can hear the weak excuses and diversions she and her campaign throw at you;

And as for those other two senses, touch and taste:

If you touch your ballot or voting screen with a vote for Hillary ... you will soon experience the taste of bile rising in your throat when you can no longer deny that you have irreparably damaged your country and your future.


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