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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

BEFORE YOU RIOT — spend a few minutes reading & comprehending some reality.

So, you plan to head off to join a protest (riot) huh ...

What are you expecting to accomplish? ... other than to underscore the need for self defense in the face of people like you acting out.

Do you think that if you have a violent tantrum, even if George Soros is paying you a few bucks, that your destructive actions are going to change the outcome?

If Hillary Clinton was the superior candidate; Why did she still lose the election even with all the cheating that went on with ballots, voter registrations and more?

How much of someone else's property
do you think you must trash just to have your tantrum, and are you fully prepared for the injuries and jail time that await you?

Some of you need a "safe space" after someone uses a word of some sort. Where is the 'safe space' for the people whose homes, business, cars and bodies are under threat from a violent protest that will accomplish nothing of any positive value?

Your candidate vowed to start bombing
Iran and was provoking Russia, she also wanted to flood unvetted 'refugees' into US towns and  cities. What would happen to your 'safe space' when those provocations result in an incoming missile? What would happen to your 'safe space' when some of those unvetted newcomers start acting like they have been in Europe, or commit acts of terrorism?

Note 1: Did any of you actually LISTEN to Trump's speeches and thoughtfully consider his words and logic? Or did you just swallow talking points fired off to you on Twitter from your candidate's campaign, or from your equally uninformed friends?

Note 2: To those of you sitting in jail right now for committing vote & election fraud; Are you expecting someone from the Democratic Party (or Clinton Foundation) to show up with your bail money and a paid attorney for you? You'll have a good long while to think about that and consider if it was worth it.

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