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Monday, November 7, 2016

Comey ignores his Weiner to service Hillary!

The very EXISTENCE of all those 650,000 emails on Anthony Wiener's computer is sufficient evidence to maximise an investigation into Hillary Clinton and her crew ... regardless of whether she sent them personally or was (again) negligent supervising HER State Department personnell. The buck stops THERE ... so does the final responsibility and the consequences.

NO way was that number of emails vetted, compared and assessed by all relevant and/or involved agencies in just a few days!

Instead, he bows out again, playing judge & jury ... which is not his role.

But Comey also has back-channel ties to Hillary worth considering ... like his brother who does the taxes for the Clinton Foundation! So maybe if Hillary goes down, his brother does too? Think about it!

Regardless of his 'Republican' association, Comey was appointed by Obama ... a control freak ... not likely to appoint anyone who isn't either on-side or controllable. What does that suggest? Think about it.

Tomorrow is America's 'D-Day'
... hopefully, for all honest and productive Americans, this time it means '(D)onald Day'.

Wear red if you're voting for Trump, watch the machines, question anything that doesn't look right ... most importantly ... DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING ... Check, verify and ensure your vote is recorded correctly!

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