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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Campaign Finance Laws Lead to Investigation

Complaint Filed Against Clinton Campaign
For Violating Campaign Finance Laws

 The Federal Elections Commission has been asked to investigate accusations made in a series of undercover videos that show Democrat operatives explaining how they are trying to influence the presidential election by manipulating the vote.Read the original article!

The man in the shiny can says:

How amazing this is 'headline' news!

A real 'GASP' of a headline might read something like this:

Clinton Campaign found to be operating
completely ethically!

Now that would be real "news" (because it would be actual NEWs ... however improbable)  ... rather than just another 'confirmation' of what everyone already knows is the standard 'Clinton MO' ("MO" means 'Modus Operandi' — method of operation in Latin — for anyone who never read the Hardy Boy or Nancy Drew mysteries,)

One would think that in a 'just' society — a "nation of laws, with a constitution — that federal authorities would have been all over this ... apparently not these days.

But times are a changin' ... the people & patriots are waking up and saying "Hell no."

To those of you who are still snoozing in a delusional cocoon ... you are the ones who will get hurt worst if you don't start paying attention ... big shit is going down and ignorance will be your epitaph.

The final debate is tonight!!! My son and I are loaded for bear with grilled cheese sandwiches, beef stew and popcorn (sprinkled with brewer's yeast for that buttery, cheezy taste ... ready to watch the end of any possibility of 'Broomstick One' coming back!

Rage on Donald ... the real polls tell the real story ... shame those aren't the polls broadcast to everyone else by the mainstream propagandists!!!

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