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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ohio Postal Worker Rips Up Ballots and Explains a Lot!

An Ohio man who described himself as a postal worker is now bragging online this weekend about the fact that he was ripping up absentee ballots. This was posted on Twitter by an unidentified user named RandyGDub on Sunday. — Paris Swade — Liberty Writers News

The man in the shiny can says:

This moron, @RandyGDub, trying to impress his online friends, did a great job of pointing out the following:
  1. A radical Hillary supporter deems criminal acts OK in order to "win" ... perhaps he is thinking that James Comey will ride in on a white stallion to excuse him! Not likely! Big 'OOOOPS' there Randy!
  2. A radical Hillary supporter isn't smart enough to figure out that admitting to a felony online is a 'signed confession' ... ohhhh well, he will have ample time in a small room to figure that out in the future! But, his Twitter pals will give him a lot of accolades for his 'heroic efforts for Hillary' ... should make the prison time more bearable while he's bent over in front of a 300 lb fellow inmate who finds him a perfectly adequate substitute for a woman.
But we must thank him for such a clear insight into who votes for Hillary and why she should never move back into the White House ... next time the Whitehouse furniture and cutlery might go missing for good!

But is he unique? Apparently not according to Project Veritas! Get this!

Somehow the concept of "winning" has lost it's context of doing so honestly to some people. The Democratic Primary process certainly illustrates that quite clearly.

So, if that dishonesty works to win a primary ... What prevents the same 'action plan' being used for the Presidential election? Recent events and disclosures illustrate there is NO Difference.

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