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Monday, October 17, 2016

Debate 3 :: The people are wiser now, Hillary is just plain scared

She has no idea what to expect on Wednesday, and her excuses & accusations are being exposed as lies more every day.

And  ... Donald Trump is thoroughly pissed at her campaign's cheap 'Clinton' tactics, in addition to her shady activities as Sec State (and more) that have undermined the USA's security and ecomony.

Also, you can surely bet Marine pilots are anxious for Trump to defeat her once and for all ... none of them relish the idea of flying the helicopter nicknamed "Broomstick One" (painfully) again.

The Secret Service no doubt would be worried about having to endure her abuse again. Apparently they are trying to re-introduce flogging as a punishment!
Read this about that!

The people of America are now awake & very aware
... bad news for Hillary and her minions! 

... for all the decent, hard working people in America whose jobs have been eliminated by Bubba's NAFTA and are risked more by Obama/Hillary plans such as TTIP!

Welcome to the new reality Hillary
... enjoy your private cell!

Oh ya ... what was that Roger Stone said today about Hillary resigning and Michelle Obama taking her place

God Help America!!!!

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