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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Breaking! Terrorists Firebomb NC GOP Campaign Office in Hillsboro

The man in the shiny can says:

No Pat. It's not an attack on 'democracy', ours or any one else's. It's an attack on a GOP party office by someone not in the GOP ... a criminal act of vandalism. Don't make it out to be something bigger or more 'scary' than it actually is. And Dallas Woodhouse should stand up, grow a pair and let everyone know the foundations of his inflammatory claim.

Compare this to the George Soros funded riots in Ferguson and elsewhere and what you have is a non-event by comparison. Unless you just want to amp up the tension for some reason.

For all the flap about Trump using the word "pussy", McRory & Woodhouse seem to want to define themselves that way ... that or 'cucks' screaming in the night. "The sky is falling!!!!"

And Morill, stop trying to make some sort of name for yourself by hyping a simple, stupid act of vandalism as something  more than it is ... by innuendo or hyperbole.

In case you didn't notice, there's a hotly contested election going on and some people will resort to almost anything to make a headline ... and in this case you and the Guv bought in and helped them to do so. And the county is heavily predisposed to the Demo persuasion ... ergo more suspects.

Let's be clear ... there are some people (organizations) that would love to foment an "emergency" for political reasons ... statements and articles like this one only help that along by making mountains out of molehills.

This was an attack on an office ... not on "democracy", by someone opposed to the GOP and/or Donald Trump ... does BLM figure into the equation perhaps?

One would expect a Governor to be more emotionally stable, more decisive and a 'leader' rather than a crying baby ... scaring other people.

Get with it Guv ... the world ain't perfect and you ain't helpin' nobody being a pussy.

Deal with it ... get off your ass ... assign investigators and prosecute the vandals ... and keep your mouth shut in the meantime before unnecessarily alarming people.

You too Morill!

And to Dallas Woodhouse ... next time you want to make a headline with your mouth ... be prepared to justify your words with credible facts to substantiate your inflammatory rhetoric.

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