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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drudge || Silicon Sultans Full-On Donald Assault...

Specter of Trump Loosens Tongues, if Not Purse Strings, in Silicon Valley

  1. Hiring Americans is far more expensive than hiring 'guest workers' from elsewhere ... the ones American workers are oddly being instructed to train to be their replacements.
  2. They would have to move manufacturing back to America and pay American wages ... rather than the 'slave' labor wages paid overseas.
  3. The Democrat candidate for president, regardless of what is said on the stump (public versus private persona) would ensure the current comfy and profitable 'status quo' ... regardless of what actually benefits those whose votes are being begged for.
  4. The Republican candidate wants to put Americans first and the corporations second ... the reverse of the comfy 'status quo'.
  5. Rhetorical Question: If Americans don't have good paying jobs and disposable 'income'; who will be able to afford to buy the cheaply produced crap from overseas? Anyone enjoying their Samsung Note lately for instance??

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