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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Clinton Christmas Carol

Larry Nichols revelations compelled me write a Clinton Christmas Carol!

(If you know the back-stories of the Clintons, you'll enjoy this more!
... and you'll figure out the tune after the first two lines)

Bubba The Red-Nosed Rapist

Bubbu the Red-Nosed Rapist
Had a very nasty wife
she cussed him out each evening
what a very crappy life.

But Hillary made him money
so he kept his cake hole shut
she knew all the loopholes
and allowed him to be a slut.

So Bubba became the President
thinking he was in control
until he met an ashtray
thrown by his wedded troll.

Then Bubba he knew his status
it wasn't to be the male
Hilly wore the pant suit
and her presence made him pale.

Now she vies for POTUS
and he's her loyal bitch
afterall her tactics
made them very rich.

But Bubba the Red-Nosed Rapist
didn't count on just one thing
karma can come back to bite you
and damn its going to sting!


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