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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trump's Total Globalist Trump ... Clinton, Obama and Puppet Masters Panic!

Have you read Trump's 'Contract With The American Voter' first 100 days commitment?

Here is the video of his speechDonald Trump like you haven't heard him before ... and the complete opposite of how you may be accustomed to hearing him described by his opponent(s) and their assistants in the main stream media.

If you haven't seen this or read the transcript ... you should.

If something 'ugly' happens to Trump ... this would be the reason why ... just like JFK when he made this speech.

Trump is literally risking his life putting this forward because its the truth, and people instinctively recognize the truth when they hear it.

Do or could you think that those who have controlled the country
via fraud for so long are beneath taking 'drastic action against someone who is exposing them and someone who would actually prosecute them? Maybe ask Justice Anton Scalia about this ... well, if you could, since he died so suspiciously and his remains were hustled through the embalming process too fast for a proper or thorough investigation of the true circumstances of his unexpected death. Convenient I'm sure to someone!

By the way, I hear that Justice Scalia's wife has a Trump sign on their front lawn!

Trump, even posthumously if it comes to that, has succeeded in his efforts ... America has woken up because facts don't allow eyes to stay closed any longer. The globalist controllers and their political servants are no doubt buying Depends adult diapers in great numbers thinking about what a Japanese Admiral said regarding the Pearl Harbor attack ... " I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant."

Trump has awoken the 'silent majority' ... and many outside of that 'traditional group' — Blacks For Trump, Hispanics For Trump, LBGT for Trump ... and the former Sanders enthusiasts who, in the end, saw what they will get, outside of rhetoric, from a typical/career politician.

Trump isn't a 'politician' by choice or because he ever really wanted to be one. He didn't want to live a "mean life" (his words) ... yet he's become a 'political figure' because his conscience and patriotism forced him to do so.

Doubt that? Check this interview in 1980 with Rona Barrett.

Think ... verify and vote for your country's best interests, America
... no more second chances from here on out!

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