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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Politicians Fight — Citizens Die — Bad Plan

Sounds like a good reason to return to dueling ... let the politicians work it out between themselves and leave us alone. About 15 paces should be enough.

Have you noticed all the alarming reports out there about the possibility of WWIII, the risk of nuclear exchange and about what each side's missiles can do to the other side?

For instance, apparently the new Russian missiles could obliterate a good part of the US east coast in a literal heartbeat ... about 4 million people. And I suppose similar numbers on the other side! Read the details of that story here.

Trouble is that those 4 million people (the expendables?) were not the ones provoking or promoting  the fight. The provokers and promoters will, of course, be nowhere near the impact areas. In most cases nor will their families.

Does this sound like a great plan? Personally I don't think so!

The politicians, as in so many cases, are almost completely insulated from the consequences of their actions. It's easy to be bold when you won't personally suffer in any way.

Last time I checked, the idea of 'electing' people was not so they could put us in harms way because they have a personal or party agenda.

Governments write so many rules, laws and regulations with the stated intent of 'protecting' us ... gun control is a popular push nowadays as an example. (Forget for a moment that places with the most stringent gun control are statistically the most dangerous places to be.)

So if they are so interested in 'protecting' us ... why would they be so anxious to promote a nuclear confrontation? ... or allow thousands of un-vetted immigrants in who come from places that are hotbeds of Jihadism since they are furiously subjecting everything & everyone else to every imaginable form of surveillance and intrusion.

Think of this analogy: If you're 'guarding', you're looking outward for threats ... not turning your back to the direction threats could come from and pointing your eyes & weapon in the direction of who or what you're supposed to be guarding. This is exactly what is going on these days.

If the guard is looking OUT the door, he's your 'sentry'
... when he is looking IN the door, he is your 'jailer'.

Make November 8th "Politician Control" Day

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