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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Your 2016 Choices: Red White & You or D.C. & Me

It doesn't get simpler than that, folks
... the Red, White & You  .... or D.C & Me!
(You'll figure out which one pertains to which candidate)

Actually it does get simpler, now that I think of it — Trump's 'Contract With The American Voter' versus Clinton's 'Obligation to International Donors.' ... neither option subject to speculation anymore.

Trump's 'Contract' speech defines the fundamental difference between the two candidates. Reading through his first 100 days plan takes nothing more than common sense to grasp ... particularly if one has spent some time observing how far America has fallen, especially in the last eight years.

The typical definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Hillary guarantees more of the same (and worse) and has said so in her praise of Obama's policies ... Trump's approach is 'stop doing what doesn't work, and take a new approach' to the entire country's well-being; not the well-being of the only properly connected.

It could easily be said that Hillary's  condemnation of Trump's 'lack of experience' might very well be his biggest endorsement ... he doesn't have the experience of being a typical politician who passes on the costs of mistakes to the taxpayers with no personal consequences to bear.

Trump does, however, have the experience of someone who has faced the potential of suffering  personal consequences for making bad decisions. He also has the experience of coming up with creative solutions and implementing them successfully ... rather than letting a situation get worse. That's called smart business sense.

Throughout the cycle you've seen Trump putting his own money where his mouth is ... as opposed to Hillary putting other peoples money where her mouth is ... as well as in her pocket!

Just in campaign spending, measured in results, it couldn't be more obvious that Trump is a far more efficient financial steward ... getting enormous bang for the buck ... Wouldn't it be a nice change to see the country's finances treated the same way?

Career politicians generally show that they have no idea how to make money, or care for it properly, because when they screw up and need more they just demand it ... literally at gunpoint ... from hard working people who do know a little about having to live within their means.

Obama promised "Hope & Change" ... well, the 'change' part definitely came true (in almost every negative aspect you can think of) and the 'hope' bit has been all but decimated in just under eight years of this joker pretending he's a 'leader'. But where's the surprise in that? What could anyone really have expected from a professional community agitator with zero real-world experience? The "hope & change" sound byte, while it may have sounded good, bit back hard.

Trump is promising the same concept, but in different words ... however — he comes before the electorate with 40 years of hard-won success and experience in one of the toughest markets in the world.

Hillary just wants a second chance to steal the White House furniture and silverware ... she had to give it back after her first attempt! Although the is this other possibility with her

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