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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Do things seem confusing and out of control these days?

Do things seem confusing and out of control these days?

Hell ya they do!

Seems like almost everything is 'out-of-whack' to normal people, and we 'normal people' are the majority in any society around the world.

So the obvious question is: If WE are "normal"; Why are we subject to (and victims of) the ABnormal minority with their weird 'policies and plans', and why to they 'govern' us as if we are possessions?

We, the normal ones, operate in our daily lives in honest, open and ethical ways amongst each other.

Therefore: We, the normal ones, conducting ourselves honestly and ethically, get tricked and bamboozled by the ABnormal minority because we aren't looking out for the tricks that can be played on us!

There is a lot of truth buried in media/movies ... the above example is proof of that. A minority gladly controls a majority, through ignorance and/or intimidation ... but constantly lives in fear of the majority (the 'ants') figuring it out and rebelling against such tyranny.

That is where we are today and why things are so incomprehensible to we, the normal ones ... the "ants" ... we've allowed the grasshoppers to control too much due to our 'innocence' and also through our complacency.

We expect, rightfully, that  those we elect (hire when they are begging for a job on the stump every few years) to represent our best interests, and that they have a duty to us to do so. While that is morally the case, it isn't so in practice.

"Career politicians" have a great lifestyle ... because, over time, they have legislated that to themselves. Great salaries, perks and pensions ... usually for making or supporting shitty policies and decisions that they, personally, don't have to endure the consequences of ... for instance, check out the exemptions to Obamacare that politicians are able to enjoy that the public is excluded from and instead penalized for.

Donald Trump is exactly right when he calls for term limits on ALL politicians ... if they vote for (support) something ... they too must live with the consequences of that at some point.

Our so-called "representatives" have progressively become our dictators/owners ... we are the ants and they are the grasshoppers who live off us. Time for that to end.

On November 8th, cast your vote for a leader, not another owner.

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