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Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton :: The 'Professional' Victim

There are only two ways to be a "victim".
  1. At the hands of someone else (circumstantial or deliberate), or
  2. As a consequence of your own actions.
Hillary is living right in the middle of a cesspool of controversy that grows bigger each day. What are the odds of that being circumstantial or accidental? 

According to Hillary, her problems originate from;
  1. Donald Trump being a misogynist & bully
  2. Woman haters in general
  3. Russians who are out to get her to help Trump
  4. A vast "right wing conspiracy".
That's just so far regarding the 'big picture' influences, and I may have missed a few ... or a lot!! 

Next up will likely be;
  1. Huma jer Weiner set me up!
  2. Brazille set me up to save her media job!
  3. Comey hates me and is making stuff up just to make me look bad before the election!
  4. Civil servants conspired against me!
  5. ... and anything else that might say "It wasn't me!", "not my fault!"
 What you won't hear her say is;
  1. I cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination,
  2. I have cheated with advance information about questions in debates and interviews,
  3. I lied to Congress and the American people about the whole Benghazi situation,
  4. I have lied to Congress and the FBI about my email setup,
  5. I have lied about my 'accomplishments' ... that don't actually exist other than in speeches wherein I'm trying to impress the uninformed,
  6. I set up a private email server outside of law to hide my personal money-making activities,
  7. I ignored the security of the country for personal gain,
  8. I have enough money to move to Qatar, beyond extradition, if I get caught in my lies,
  9. I have accepted campaign donations from illegal sources & foreign governments,
  10. I have accepted campaign donations from Wall Street players who I say I am against,
  11. I tried to steal furniture and silverware from the White House, but got caught (damn it!),
  12. I had my staff steal furniture and paintings from the State Department when I left,
  13. I treat other people as lesser beings who should not have the temerity to speak to me or look me in the eyes when I'm present,
  14. I have a foul and vulgar mouth, and a violent temper outside of public sight, and
  15. While First "Lady" the helicopter 'Marine One' was renamed in my honor — "Broomstick One",
And so on with many others, no doubt.

Hillary is a victim alright ... a victim of her own actions, behaviors and misdeeds. Nothing else.

No pity here. No sympathy vote here. No respect here. No confidence here. A vote for Hillary is a vote for an even bleaker future for everyone.

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