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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Curious and Exceptional 'Trump Factor' being Investigated

Hold on here ... I have to understand this, and distill it down to the simplest of terms.

Details and minutiae are distracting from the core truths and that is what they are meant to do in a 'legal' environment ... you know, the same environment that lets a rapist walk on the basis of technicalities. Just ask Hillary about that and she'll be proud to tell you how she got one off ... the hook, that is.

James Comey, last year, gave a press conference at which he articulated numerous items of criminality/malfeasance regarding Hillary Clinton and her highly questionable email 'arrangements'.
He then gave her a 'pass' it was not his authority to give ... no charges or further investigation of the violations she clearly committed as he unambiguously itemized at the podium.
Fast forward ... June 2017

The same James Comey, before congress, admits there was never a 'criminal' (or otherwise) investigation into Donald Trump. And all testimony from intel agencies corroborates that there was no wrong-doing they could prove or identify.
Yet ... (amazingly)

A special prosecutor (Mueller) is appointed to investigate Trump ... rather than Hillary!

That being so because the fired FBI Director leaked information intentionally, through a third party, to the press, with the express intention fo forcing a special prosecutor to be appointed, according to his testimony.

Is it just me or is there a WEIRD, and illogical, disconnect in all of this?

And, if that were not enough ...

Comey and Mueller are old buddies and Mueller is assembling an "investigative" team comprised of Clinton allies! This is "objective" or "impartial"?? Credible results from a partisan committee?
Talk about 'politics' POSING as 'impartial inquiry'!

Trump has the authority to fire Mueller and thereby shut down the 'inquiry'.

Why hasn't he? Especially since the distractions are pulling time and attention away from his chief focus to re-energise and mobilize the US economy.

My theory is that Trump is completely confident that BECAUSE he has not done anything wrong, there is no way to prove he did so.

So why allow the charade to progress, even though he could end it with the stoke of a pen?

My theory (again) is that Trump, as he appears to be doing in other quarters, is allowing the miscreants to to haul in all the rope they want in order to hang themselves in the end.

Good plan ... how better to PROVE to the general public the BS they have bought into from the Dems and their media servants.

Rather than wasting more time publicly denying the political allegations, he seems quite happy to just move on with the things he can on his agenda and allow his opposition to humilate and disprove themselves ... which is clearly the pattern so far. More to come on that as the days ahead unfold.

Trump has a very high IQ and knows how to play "chess" ... although it must be a bit boring for him to go up against opponents like Pelosi (who can't seem to recall the current President's name), or Waters (who seems to think Russia invaded Korea) ... marble players trying to best a chess master. Well, the entertainment value is huge watching that play out!

My Prediction: Trump will do the best he can to weather the political flak/distraction to get his agenda in place for the sake of ALL Americans ... even those to are wrecking streets, businesses and neighborhoods in opposition to him. (Part time jobs paid for by George Sorass et al).

As Trump progresses along with his agenda he will prove how WRONG the past administrations have been ... and that is probably what panics the "left" most ... being exposed for the damage they have done and the lies they have propagated. No wonder they are promoting such violent resistance and mayhem. They are clearly frightened to face the retribution they are due as Americans of all colors and persuasions WAKE UP.


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