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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book of Revelations & The DNC & MSM

Disclaimer: I'm not a 'religious' man as such, especially having read the Bible — from cover to cover — and having made notes in my KJV using a Concordance as an important reference as I did so.

Therefore, I am an AGnostic ... which simply means "I don't know" the whole truth of history, and am unconvinced of many things.

However, I do not DIScount Biblical stories and testimonies, because the Bible provides a record of historical events, in a summarized form, and the lessons are quite clear ... because human behavior is largely the same now as it was then. "Sins" then are sins now ... same goes for virtues.

The Book of Revelations was particularly intriguing to me then, and even more so now as I watch history unfold each day.

In particular, I refer to what was said that in the 'end days' all knowledge would be revealed, and that appears to be the case more and more each day, largely thanks to the internet where information sharing cannot be controlled ... but tech algorithms in search engines seem designed to suppress that free sharing of thought among people as much as possible.

Do you see, as I do, that droves of people are supporting, sometimes violently, the very things that will eventually hurt them, their families and progeny? Why is that and where is it coming from?

The most obvious answer is that they are basing their actions and decisions on 'engineered  information', fed to them by the only venue most have conveniently available while they sup on Mac & Cheese that came out of a box and was quick & easy to prepare after a long day at work ... the Main Steam Media.

Personally, and I think the election of Trump substantiates this ... I think that the regular man or woman is a lot smarter than given credit for, because statistics show that reasonable people are tuning out from the ridiculous memes of the main stream media because they are sick of the taste of  engineered excrement that the MSM tries to spoon-feed the public through their TV sets!

The good and wholesome man or woman has in instinctual 'radar' that says ... "Not buying this".
That explains, I think, the triumph of Trump at the polls in November 2016 ... despite MSM rhetoric about Russians (or whatever else) to explain (justify) their bad calls about a "Hillary" victory ... which they 'presumed' to be a foregone result. And, remember too: EVERY example of voter fraud in the 2016 election FAVORED Hillary Clinton.

How else could they try to save face after being SO wrong? It's their corporate egos and corporate sponsorship money driving the agenda ... you are just "collateral damage" along the way.

Today's sad events  in Virginia and San Francisco really illustrate the point ... Why can't you protect yourself? Because it's politically incorrect? The MSM apparently thinks so and wants you to go along with that ... because THEY say so? Think again. You are expendable in the pursuit of a political agenda.

Stand up, speak up and protect what is good, wholesome and productive.

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