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Saturday, October 15, 2016

With responsibility comes 'obligations'.

With responsibility comes 'obligations'.

If our elected employees demand we surrender any and or all means of self defense; they are obliged to provide our guaranteed safety from any or all threats to personal safety 24/7.

Can they do so? The obvious answer is "no" ... they have no capacity to do so effectively. And, therefore, they have NO lawful basis to demand that we be defenseless against proven and heavily advertised threats to our safety!

"Dial 911" ... and get a response time of several minutes (at least.) AFTER the Q & A with the 911 operator ... great idea, bad solution ... the 'authorities' will show up in time to write a great report and take detailed pictures ... but you are still the victim and if you're lucky to still be breathing!

Scenario: You're being accosted by criminals ... you can't fight them because your elected employees have legislated you out of having a gun or even wearing body armor ... so you dial 911 and while waiting for the connection, you announce to your attackers that you're quite prepared to buy them a coffee while you wait for the police to arrive and even the odds so that things are "fair." That would work well ... right?? ... NOT!!

Governments and their employees owe their very existence to us ... and if they cannot do the job properly ... then we have every right to do so for ourselves ... particularly where the safety and defense of ourselves and families are concerned.

In other words ... 
NOBODY can 'lawfully' legislate any one of us
into victim-hood!

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