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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hillary only needs a few days in office before resigning


Is Hillary actually ill? If she is; why would she pursue the Presidency and put further strain on her health? Why not just bow out and retire?

Some would say her ego prevents her doing so. However most people would probably put ego aside when faced with possibly shortening their life due to enormous stress … the sort of stress induced by;
  1. Running in a tough campaign against a very tough, competent and determined adversary, and
  2. Trying to stay ahead of almost daily revelations about wrong-doing and the investigations that are ongoing, emerging and imminent … ones that could lead to jail time or, at the least, humiliation. Figure the specter of Trey Goudy with his constitutional and moral sights on you!
Anyone paying attention to the revelations about, and investigations of Hillary, Bill, the Clinton Foundation & the CGI (at minimum) realizes that they are not frivolous nor are they political or misogynistic "attacks". They are based on good evidence and on the known history of the Clintons themselves, as well as their long list of criminal and shady associates. George Soros comes immediately to mind, and his organizations have now also been hacked … leading to more scrutiny of his connection and influence over Hillary as well as on the larger stage elsewhere.

If Hillary were to bow out, for health reasons, she could never be accused of 'losing to Trump' … nobody could ever know how that would have turned out, so her ego would remain intact on that level.

But that would not be the end of it for Hillary et al because the investigations would continue anyway … not vindictively or partisan just to "get her" … but because the subject matter of those investigations goes so much deeper than just the Clintons.

Those investigations lead to revealing how badly America & Americans, have been screwed, used, lied to and abused for the profit, benefit and comfort of political insiders and their minions.

The only option Hillary has, in my humble opinion, is to risk her health if need be.


Because Hillary would only need a few days as President to seal all her records (including the foundation's, Bill, Chelsea, friends and whoever else she owes) to forever preclude punishment for all their misdeeds. The Pen and The Crone … like Obama and his pen sealing all his pertinent records and history … Hillary certainly must appreciate him setting that precedent.

And, of course, Hillary could pen pardons for whoever she likes … how convenient … I'll bet patriotic whistle blowers would love to have that privilege!

With that done she could retire (for health reasons of course) and hand off the Presidency to Kaine, who was clearly chosen as a worthy VP (Vice Puppet) by the party but not by voters.

With records sealed and pardons in place, Bill and Hillary could take all that under-reported money in the foundation and retire anywhere they like … even somewhere that DOES have an extradition treaty with the US! They wouldn't have to restrict their retirement home choices to South America or Dubai … like the Bush clan and the Cheneys! Nice to have more options!

But … for all this wonderful outcome to happen for them  … Hillary will need a few days as president to make it all "legal" and tidy. Its the Clinton way … always has been!

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